Saturday 21 January 2017

Former Deputy Chief Constable Takes £90k A Year From Charity

The social care charity Turning Point Scotland - which provides support to disabled people, homeless people and those with addictions - have appointed a new chief executive.

His name is Neil Richardson.

Hang on, where have I heard that name before?

Ah yes, I remember now. He used to be called Deputy Chief Constable Neil Richardson and he was the one who was up to his neck in untrustworthy Police Scotland's illegal spying row.

He retired from the police in May 2016 so is now available to pocket £90,000 a year from the charity in exchange for giving them his 30 plus years of 'expertise'. Hopefully after trousering the £90k there will be some money left to actually go to help the people in the charity.

It's not clear exactly what 'expertise' he is bringing from his 30 years as a copper that will help with disability, homelessness and addiction so we can only guess...

Perhaps he's advising how to throw a spit-hood over a disabled person's head?

Maybe it's how to cure homelessness by arresting everyone sleeping in doorways and charging them with loitering?

Or perhaps it's throwing every drug addict in jail so they're forced to go 'cold turkey' and it'll get them off the smack (side note - I wonder why nobody's ever thought of this one before...woops, it's probably because there's more drugs inside our jails than outside them).

How ironic that he should become the head of a social care charity.

Because as a top copper he was embroiled in a scandal that saw police illegally spy on people's social lives, he didn't care that it was illegal, and the only charitable thing he ever did for the Scottish public was to walk out of the police force before we threw him out.

Happy retirement Neil.