Saturday 14 January 2017

Dodgy COPFS Are A Risk To The Criminal Justice System

The Crown office have finally admitted that they are in serious trouble.

The Procurators Fiscal Society have stated that their budget is down in real terms by 21.5% and that the criminal justice system faces a "huge risk" as a result of "unsustainable" pressure on COPFS staff.

They have also admitted that "there will inevitably be an impact on the wider justice system and the service provided to the public."

So if ever you are asked by the police or the Crown office to be a witness in a court case you really have to think long and hard about it before you decide to do it.

You could actually be helping to convict an innocent person because we all know that police - due to constraints on their resources and a culture within the force - do not investigate things properly and fully any more. They just form an opinion on who they think the bad guy is and try to make evidence fit that opinion.

And now the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service are giving you a very clear warning that there are huge risks in the system and it is inevitable that justice will be affected.

Could you live with that on your conscience?