Tuesday 27 December 2016

Twisted Police Twisting Words

Let's just cut to the chase here. The one-size-fits-all Police Scotland project has been an abject failure on EVERY level.

So it's no surprise that the Scottish Government are getting a wee bit concerned about the state of Police Scotland.

So concerned in fact that the Justice Secretary Michael Matheson has urged Police Scotland to "focus on local communities."

Of course, in their twisted minds, Police Scotland would argue that they do focus on local communities. Because untrustworthy Police Scotland love to boast about how great a job they're doing in local communities, how they're making lots of arrests, locking up lots of bad guys etc.

In reality though, what's really happening is that police make lots of arrests - and their buddies over at the COPFS make lots of prosecutions - which they then point to as 'proof' that they're doing a good job.

The fact that these arrests and prosecutions are made against the most vulnerable members of the public - easy targets, 'wee guys', who come from our poorest communities - is ever-so quietly ignored.

The poorest and the most vulnerable in our society are an easy peasy lemon squeezey victim for police and the Crown office to get a successful prosecution against. The 'wee guy' doesn't have the education or the money to fight against the combined might of Police Scotland and the Crown office.

The Crown office are Police Scotland's boss. The Crown office have their pick of 17,000 police officers - all willing to back each other up in court - to help the Procurator Fiscal get a successful prosecution. It's your word against two coppers - who's the court gonna believe? Yeah.

The Crown office have a £112 million per year budget at their disposal they can dip in to at will to ensure any charges the police make will succeed in court.

The Crown office have a large team of legal professionals to work on cases against the 'wee guy' including hundreds of backroom staff and experienced fiscals and advocates who all work within the courts every day and know how to game the system.

In contrast, the 'wee guy' from a poor community who finds himself up against the law has nothing anywhere near those resources. The system is rigged against the 'wee guy' right from the very start.

He does not have police officers on his side to help him. In fact police are there to pursue him, charge him, and give evidence against him in court to help the Procurator Fiscal convict him, not help him.

Nor does he have £112 million in his pocket to pay for his defence.

He does not have a team of top legal advisers and hundreds of backroom staff at his disposal to help with his defence.

In fact, knowing very little or nothing about the law, the 'wee guy' will more than probably walk in to the nearest estate agent office and employ a 'solicitor' from there, not realising that the Perry Mason he thinks he's getting is better suited to notarising title deeds than conducting a proper professional criminal defence in a court of law.

The poor 'wee guy' doesn't realise he's being shafted from both sides and the only reason Perry Mason has advised him to plead guilty to something he didn't do is because he's only really experienced at writing wills and selling houses so is incapable of actually performing in court of law, calling witnesses, and preparing a proper legal defence for him.

By the time the 'wee guy' also learns that Perry Mason will actually earn exactly the same money from the legal aid certificate no matter whether he had pleaded guilty or innocent (and therefore only advised him to plead guilty so he could trouser the legal aid money without doing any work), it's all too late.

Make no bones about it, the most vulnerable people in our poorest communities get railroaded regularly by Police Scotland, the Crown office, and too many of these 'bottom of the food-chain' solicitors.

The 'wee guy' has no voice and no chance.


It's not right.

And it all begins when untrustworthy Police Scotland barge in to the poorest areas of our communities and make arrests just so they can achieve arrest targets.

So I suspect that when Justice Secretary Michael Matheson urged Police Scotland to "focus on local communities" he probably didn't mean for them to focus on targeting local communities.

But I damn well know which way untrustworthy Police Scotland will be taking his words...