Friday 2 December 2016

Sir Stephen House's Atrocious Legacy

They say history will judge you.

In 2013 the former Scottish Chief Constable Sir Stephen ‘I’ve got an ego as big as a’ House was responsible for a series of raids by police on Edinburgh saunas.

This halfwit and abomination of a man stood on his high horse and, like all jobsworths of his ilk, proclaimed "The law is the law" and ordered his officers to target the saunas.

As far as Stephen House was concerned, these saunas were merely fronts for prostitution and police had turned a blind-eye to their going-ons for far too long in his book.

But what the idiot Stephen House didn't bother to do first was look in to WHY police and prosecutors in Edinburgh had turned a blind-eye to the saunas and their prostitution for so long.

If he had, he would have realised that there had been an alarming rise in HIV and Aids in the city so a policy of turning a blind-eye to prostitution in Edinburgh saunas was actually a conscious and official attempt to try to minimise the impact of HIV and Aids in the city.

It was an essential public health issue.

Saunas were (rightly) deemed to be far better and safer places for the girls to work than being on the street. Saunas were providing workers with condoms and critical health advice so for important public health reasons, they were allowed to operate without interference from police.

Even the local Procurator Fiscal in Edinburgh knew that the local authority, health bodies and officers of Lothian and Borders Police were working closely together to further these vital public health measures. He purposely turned a blind-eye to cases that fell on his desk and refused to prosecute many of them (and rightly so).

However Sir Stephen House and his big one-size-fits-all failed Police Scotland project had NO local knowledge of the critical public health situation in he told his officers to go raid the saunas and lock 'em all up. The law is the law and all that etc.

So, not only was Sir Stephen House an idiot, but a dangerous one at that.

Look folks, none of us are comfortable with the subject of prostitution. But let's be grown up about it here. They don't call prostitution 'the oldest profession in the world' for nothing. So whether we like it for not, prostitution is here to stay. The police, the crown office, and the courts have and always will fail to change this sad fact of life and it takes no stretch of the imagination to suspect there's more than a few members of our police, crown office and courts who probably even use these services themselves.

But if police, the Crown office and the courts want to claim that they work in the public interest (as they do), then they need to do what's best for the public here.

And in the interests of public safety and public health, the old Procurator Fiscal in Edinburgh's decision that saving lives and protecting the publics health (plus the safety of the girls who work in this profession) was the right decision.

Sir Stephen House and his politically correct brigade chose, on the other hand, to take the moral high ground at the expense of peoples lives. He was wrong. Plain and simple.

I'm sorry, but the protection of human life exceeds all else in my book.

In a very short space of time, history has already judged Sir Stephen House as the most arrogant, most corrupt and worst Chief Constable this country has ever seen.

The news of how he played around with peoples lives and endangered the health of the public just adds to his atrocious legacy.

Let's hope and pray that the failed project which is Police Scotland can be dissolved some day soon and a proper fit-for-purpose, honest police service put in its place.

And if by some stroke of bad luck our new police service still ends up lumbered with a few left-over cronies and jobsworths from the bad old Sir Stephen House days, at the very least let's make sure we give them a little bit of schooling in the ancient art of common sense.