Wednesday 14 December 2016

Police Won't Lift A Finger To Help The Public

The Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC) have launched an investigation in to the way police responded to reports of concern about a man's welfare in Glasgow (article here). They are also investigating in to another recent police response to the death of a woman in St Andrews too (article here)

As yet we don't know what happened in either of these cases, nor do we know the circumstances (and we won't know until the investigations have been completed).

But that's not the focus of this particular blog post.

The problem with these stories and the PIRC investigations is that these are not isolated incidents. The PIRC are increasingly having to investigate in to police failings when it comes to responding to the public. It's almost becoming daily news now.

So what's the problem?

Why are our police so unwilling to help the public these days?


Police Scotland have developed a 'jobsworth' culture in which they will only respond to situations which involve crime. If it doesn't involve some sort of criminality, they don't want to know. "Not my problem guv', I'm just here to arrest criminals" and all that kinda stuff. They are no longer willing to help the public and it's a national disgrace.

Those of us of a certain age will fondly remember when the police used to be polite, helpful, respectful and responsive to the public. Ah the good old days. Back then, police saw their role as being there to help, support, and protect the they would put the bad guys away for us too.

But today untrustworthy Police Scotland are only interested in arresting as many members of the public as possible - because lots of arrests mean they can 'claim' they are doing a good job.

Helping, supporting, and protecting the public doesn't add to their figures.

So...if you find yourself collapsing in the street with a heart attack, don't expect anyone in untrustworthy Police Scotland to lift a finger to help you.

Unless your heart attack takes place when your TV licence is overdue for renewal. Oh yeah, they'll soon step in to 'assist' then.

But they're more likely to handcuff you to the defibrillator than use it to save your life.