Friday 9 December 2016

Police Scotland Should Be Scrapped - So Say Police Scotland!

You could be forgiven for thinking that I and my fellow campaigners are a small bunch of lone voices in the wilderness who are alone and isolated in our calls for Police Scotland to be disbanded and rebuilt from scratch.

But we're not.

Even police officers themselves (or to be exact, the few honest and fine upstanding officers who are still left in Police Scotland) agree that the force is not fit for purpose and should be disbanded.

More than a dozen officers and former officers from north and north-east Scotland have signed a petition - set up by James Montgomery - calling for the failed project that we call Police Scotland should be scrapped.

It's good to know that there are a few good, decent, honest coppers out there who recognise that public confidence in police is at an all-time low and that serious steps are needed to save Police Scotland from imploding and descending in to farce (if it hasn't already).

But astonishingly, instead of the top brass at Police Scotland listening to the genuine concerns from their very own officers - perhaps even thanking them for bringing these crucial issues to their attention - Phil 'Gormless' and his high-hied-yins are warning that the officers will face disciplinary action for speaking out!

You couldn't make it up.

One Police Scotland worker from Aberdeen is quoted as saying "The single force is not working. Many of my colleagues are losing their jobs and those that are left are doing the work of four or five. It wasn’t thought out correctly and rushed through."

Another says "I left Grampian Police before the amalgamation as I could see the writing on the wall. Having worked in other industries before and since I can hand on heart say had they not created one force I would still be in the job now."

An officer from Bonnyrigg, Midlothian is quoted as saying "Police Scotland, worst decision ever. Used to love my job, not anymore. Bring back Lothian and Borders."

Yet another has called Police Scotland "disgraceful" and an "utter shambles".

A constable from Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway, says "I’m a serving police officer and feel our community is not receiving the care/support it used to have with legacy forces."

Another says "I am a police officer under increasing pressure from an organisation that is failing on a daily basis."

One former Lothian and Borders officer who served the force for 28 years said: "Former colleagues now cannot believe how much things have changed and are constantly working against the tide, embarrassed to be part of a monster that is simply too big and not functioning. Please reinstate the former forces."

Another ex-Lothian and Borders employee now living in Drumnadrochit, Highlands, wrote: "I have seen the disgraceful slide of efficiency into the utter shambles that is Police Scotland and the broken morale of the longer serving officers who actually knew their job."

And Police Scotland's response to their concerns?

Discipline them. Show them who's the boss, put them back in their place, and make an example of them so that no other officers will dare try to criticise Police Scotland ever again.

These whistle-blowing officers now know what we, the public, have had to put up with from Police Scotland for years.

When we, the public, dare to criticise untrustworthy Police Scotland, vindictive and corrupt Police Scotland hunt us down like dogs in the night and target us for doing it.

When good, honest, and decent Police Scotland officers themselves dare to stand up and criticise Police Scotland, they get thrown out the door quicker than you can say "illegal spying".

And the top brass sit and wonder why the public have no confidence in untrustworthy Police Scotland and don't want to help them.