Monday 12 December 2016

Police Failings Let Serial Killers And Rapists Walk Free

POLICE Scotland have serious flaws in their crime reporting system which is helping to create situations where opportunities are being missed for police to catch serial killers and rapists.

And it's not me who's saying this.

The warning comes from one of Police Scotland's top officers, Chief Superintendent Gill Imery.

An investigation has revealed that the number of officers who are failing to record crimes within the stipulated 72 hours period is rapidly on the increase. Just 83.9% of sexual crimes - a large number of which involve children - are recorded within 72 hours, in essence, preventing detectives from being able to link serious crimes and causing dangerous offenders being at large for longer than necessary.

A big public thank you must go out to CS Imery for bringing this to our attention.

However her colleague, Deputy Chief Constable Rose Fitzpatrick, on the other hand says that "incident and crime recording complies with the Scottish Crime Recording Standards" and that "we have effective processes in place to record information about crimes and incidents so that we can deliver the right service to individuals and communities".

Hmm. So, two very high ranking Police Scotland officers with very different views.

Which one should we believe? Chief Superintendent Gill Emery or Deputy Chief Constable Rose Fitzpatrick?

Take your pick, it doesn't really matter.

Because we all know which one will get further promotion after these comments - and which one's career has just hit the skids for what she has just revealed...