Monday 24 October 2016

Time To Disband Untrustworthy Police Scotland

Holyrood justice sub-committee on policing is the Scottish Governments public watchdog.

It consists of a group of MSP's, elected by the Scottish public, who sit on the committee and look in to how Police Scotland is run and how it operates.

Essentially, their job is to scrutinise Police Scotland and expose police failures.

And to all accounts it looks like they've done a pretty good job so far.

The committee have already hauled Police Scotland over the coals regarding the lack of local policing, illegal stop and search, armed police officers on routine patrols, call-handling failures, the £60m scrapped i6 IT programme, complaints and investigations, and independent custody visiting.

So what do you think the response of Police Scotland has been to the committee's recommendations?

Have they taken the criticism on board?

Learned from their mistakes perhaps?

Worked with the committee to put right all the things that are wrong with Police Scotland?

Eh, no.

Police Scotland's response has been to demand the committee be abolished.

Yip, you heard that right.

According to insider reports and a leaked paper, Police Scotland don't like the committee - because they have embarrassed them - so they want the watchdog axed.

Liberal Democrat Liam McArthur has commented "I cannot understand why anyone would think it is a good idea to undermine scrutiny of Police Scotland at a time when the service is facing major challenges."

Perhaps you can't understand Liam. But I can...

Police Scotland are so arrogant and utterly intolerant to anyone who dares to criticise them in any way that they will ruthlessly silence anyone who attempts to speak out against them - even a government justice committee.

Police think they are above the law.

They think they are above the public.

They think they are the law.

Even the mere hint or suggestion that Police Scotland believe they can shut down a Holyrood committee that was set up to hold them to account is as exasperating as it is worrying.

Police Scotland is seriously out of control and members of the public must withdraw support for them until they are dissolved, disbanded, and completely rebuilt from scratch.