Tuesday 18 October 2016

How Well Do You Think Police Scotland Did This Summer?

As another Scottish summer comes to an end untrustworthy Police Scotland's record of policing this seasons major events is in tatters.

The sickening pitch invasion scenes at the cup final highlighted the worst football violence we've seen since in decades. Players were assaulted on the park and police completely failed to protect players, the fans, or the situation.

Then at T In The Park, two teenagers died of suspected drug abuse at the festival and a young father-of-three was found dead 10 miles away two days after the festival had ended. On top of that, a cash machine containing £30,000 was stolen and there were a number of sexual assaults.

To say they did a sloppy job of policing the cup final and TITP is an understatement.

Absolutely no one in their right mind would dare argue that Police Scotland have been anything but a pathetic, incompetent, abject failure this summer.

Well...no one except Police Scotland that is.

They think they did a great job!

Take a look their tweet below:

If ever proof was needed that this organisation is totally out of touch with the public, their tweet says it all. 

Sheeeeez! What planet do they live on???