Wednesday 14 September 2016

Police Scotland Admit They Acted Illegally By Spying

It's a shame that you have to back untrustworthy Police Scotland in to a corner before they'll admit to their wrong-doings.

But in to a corner we got 'em, and now we've got it in black and white - not only do they illegally spy on the public, but they know fine well when they do it that it's illegal.

Mind you, Police Scotland don't care that they acted illegally.

They only care that they got caught.

Guilty Police Scotland knew that the The Interception of Communications Commissioner’s Office (IOCCO) was due to throw the book at them so in anticipation, they hired a QC to represent them (Jeremy Johnson QC).

Leaving aside for a moment the most obvious question that comes to mind which is whether you or I would be 'afforded' a QC to represent us if we were accused of wrong-doing, this admission of guilt by Police Scotland is a damning blight on their credibility (or rather what's left of it).

Police Scotland and everyone who works in their corrupt organisation are rotten to the core. For those of us in the know who have dealt with them first hand, this has been as plain to see as the nose on your face. But Police Scotland have managed to do a reasonably good job of hiding the extent of their corruption from the wider public for many years.

Their representative Jeremy Johnson QC is quoted as saying that his client (Police Scotland) "concedes that the authorisations were unlawful", that they were "incompatible with the complainants’ rights" and that "We [Police Scotland] absolutely concede illegality".

So what's the next step?

Well, there will be criminal charges against the police officers involved. They'll then be put on trial in a court of law which will be followed by jail sentences for all of the guilty police officers.

Gotcha! Only kidding. I made that last paragraph up.

Rest assured NONE of the police officers will even see the inside of a court never mind the inside of a jail cell.

Their corrupt cronies in the Crown office will see to that.