Friday 23 September 2016

Can You Trust The Police With Your Data?

Audit Scotland has reported that Police Scotland's technology department is understaffed and could lack appropriate safeguards against data breaches and IT disasters.

They warn that Police Scotland’s ICT department “may be exposed to significant risk” due to a “lack of available capacity and capability of suitably skilled resources” with “skill deficiencies in certain areas”.

So the next time police quiz you about, well, anything really, and they proceed to trot out their favourite phrase that if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear, just say the following to them:

You are quite correct constable, I have nothing to hide. However I have very much to fear. because you, police, cannot be trusted with my data. You are understaffed, you lack appropriate safeguards against data breaches and IT disasters, you expose me to significant risks due to your lack of available capacity, capability of suitably skilled resources, and skill deficiencies.

Don't expect an answer though.

You'll be lucky to get much more than a blank stare and a 'glaiket' expression from him.