Saturday 13 August 2016

Would He Have Got Away With It If He'd Worked For The Council?

Well I'm astounded, speechless in fact.

I have spoken at length on here about how councils are so in bed with the HSE, Police Scotland, and the Crown office that they fight over the duvet.

But I've just seen a news article about a bus driver who drove his bus - with passengers on board - through a flooded area. The bus got stuck and the driver was charged. He has now been found guilty of careless driving.

So have I been getting it all wrong up till now?

Do council drivers get prosecuted and found guilty in courts just like everyone else after all?

Should I get some salt for my hat because it looks like I'm gonna have to eat it?

Eh, not just yet.

On further investigation we see that the bus driver was not a council bus driver.

He was driving for Stagecoach, who are a private company.

So that's why he was prosecuted.

Phew, that was close.

And that explains it all now.

Because if he had been working for the council (who are the police and Crown office's best friend), it's unlikely he would ever have seen the inside of a court.

Don't get me wrong, bus drivers and bin lorry drivers who work for the council do commit crimes and they do find themselves in court from time to time.

It's just that when the crime is serious and the council could be sued for millions - like when someone lies to get the job then kills six people for example - that's when their buddies in the HSE, Police Scotland, and the Crown office leap in to action within hours to protect them and block any chance of prosecution.