Wednesday 3 August 2016

Police Will Keep You Safe But Only If You Pay Them

Have you ever been to the Garden Of Eden?

No, I'm not talking about the Garden of Eden mentioned in that most famous of books (the good book).

I'm talking about the Eden Festival, at Raehills down near Moffat.

I haven't been there yet but from all accounts it's a real treat and famous for it's great family atmosphere. They boast 9 different stages including a kids arena, a circus tent, and a drive in cinema.

No wonder it was shortlisted for the Best Family Festival award in the UK Festival Awards in 2014.

So what's the story with it this year?

Well last year Police Scotland charged the Eden Festival £11,000 to 'police' the weekend and keep the members of the public who attended it safe.

I'm not actually sure why police felt that they should charge anything at all to police it be honest with you - surely it's the job of Police Scotland to keep us and our families safe?

Anyway, fact of the matter is they did charge and £11,000 was the price - so I suppose it was cough up or shut up for the organisers.

The festival has been such a success every year that it is scheduled again for this year. So in anticipation, the charity organisers (because remember this is a charity organisation we're talking about here) dug deep in to their pockets again expecting the usual £11,000 bill from our boys in blue.

But to their horror, Police Scotland have told them there's been an £37,000.

Oh and they'd like half of it as a deposit up front too.

And there's more. If the organisers dont pay within seven days then they won't police the event at all and the organisers won't then get a licence.

Phew. That's what I call really putting the squeeze on someone. And a charity too. Shame on you Police Scotland.

Now, I'm pretty sure the last time I looked inflation was sitting at around, emm, let me see now, roughly zero per cent.

So how in the name of Adam have untrustworthy Police Scotland managed to come up with a 350% increase from last year?  The festival is exactly the same size as it was last year.

Does the fact that Police Scotland officers have awarded themselves £8 Million in bonuses in the last year just for turning up and doing their job got anything to do with it?

I don't know.

But I do know that the Eden Festival is a very reputable charitable organisation. In fact not only are they a Not For Profit Community Organisation, but not one single person takes a wage from the organisation either which is pretty darn good. That's what I call a real charity.

You just don't get more noble than that.

It's just a pity Police Scotland are not so charity minded.

Or as noble.