Sunday 14 August 2016

Police Refuse To Say How Much They've Squandered On i6

Untrustworthy Police Scotland's new super-duper £60 million IT system (i6) doesn't work and it has now finally been scrapped.

The private contractor they brought in to design the system, Accenture, have admitted that it could not be delivered on budget or on time.

This is hardly breaking news. 

The disaster that is i6 has been as plain as the nose on your face to everyone for a very long time now.

So why is it news today?

Because the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) have refused to say how much the failed system has cost them (and when they say cost them, what they really mean is cost us).

The CEO of the SPA, John Foley, says "The terms of the agreement are commercially confidential."

So there you have it. 

Police Scotland have wasted an unknown amount of our money on a £60 million IT system that doesn't work, never worked, and will never work, and we, the Scottish public, are not allowed to know exactly how much their fiasco has cost us as taxpayers.

All I can say is if they don't want to tell us how much of our money they have lost with this failed project, it must have been lot of money

An awful lot of money.