Thursday 18 August 2016

Police Miss Evidence As Debris Is Found At M9 Crash Site

Is there no end to the incompetence and underhandedness of untrustworthy Police Scotland?

It would seem so.

The family of Lamara Bell - the young girl who died while lying in a crashed car on the M9 three days after it had been reported to police - visited the crash scene to lay flowers one year on from the accident.

And to their astonishment they found a number of car parts (i.e. evidence) at the scene.

Ms Bell's father Andrew told The Scottish Sun on Sunday: "I've picked up dozens of bits of plastic in undergrowth at the crash site - including a big chunk which looked like it could be a bumper attachment. There were also smaller pieces of plastic the same shade of blue as the Renault Clio."

I've said time and time again on this blog that you can bet your boots not one single one of the Police Scotland officers who were responsible for ignoring the crash call that led to this young woman's death will ever see the inside of a jail cell. The police involved will cover up for each other, they'll lie, they'll pass the buck, or have acute memory loss, go off sick with stress, quietly retire, or move departments or jobs.

And when the time comes for their buddies in the corrupt Crown office to make a decision on whether any police officers should be prosecuted for this debacle, police can rely on their Procurator Fiscal friends to trot out that well worn excuse for not taking action when they don't want to...insufficient evidence in law.

Of course it's always possible that leaving all that evidence at the crash scene was just another example of police doing their usual sloppy job. Indeed Ms Bell's father said "I would have hoped the police would have gone above and beyond to make sure their investigation was done right."

Is it really possible that police - who had initially found themselves under considerable criticism for their failed response to this incident - continued with that same sloppiness even when they eventually did get to the crash scene 3 days later?

It's possible.

It's also possible that untrustworthy Police Scotland and their buddies at the corrupt Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service were already busily pre-drafting a script, designed to deflect criticism for their failures, in readiness for it to be presented to the public at a later date.

And in that script my guess is it may just say something to the effect 'we are not taking any action against any of the police officers involved in the M9 tragedy because there is insufficient evidence in law to prosecute'.

After all, that's what they always do when they don't want to prosecute one of their own.

Of course the script will also include their usual 'template' style ending which always says that it all happened during a previous regime, lessons have been learned, the officers involved no longer work here, and processes have been put in place so that it can never happen again.

Yeah, you can just see it all stacking up.