Wednesday 31 August 2016

Police Cannot be Trusted With Internet Connection Records

Part of the controversial Snoopers' Charter that the government has been trying to steamroller through parliament is the use of Internet Connection Records (ICR's).

The police are particularly keen to obtain ICR's because they track your every move online, they log the websites you visit, reveal your billing data, your usernames, your passwords, your location data and much, much more.

Strange thing is, our security services have said they don’t need ICR's because they already obtain all the data they need about you in other ways.

So it's quite clear. This new 'power' is nothing to do with catching bad guys. Its' intention is purely to monitor innocent citizens.

So why on earth do the police want to monitor innocent citizens?


Police need to arrest as many people as possible in order to make it look like they're doing a good job, justify their budget, and stay in a job. But getting convictions against innocent members of the public who haven't done anything wrong is a really tricky thing for them to do.

So they employ a technique called 'bundling'.

It entails scraping together as many little things as they can, for example, a few parking fines, maybe a drunk and disorderly arrest when you were a teenager etc and 'bundle' them all together to paint a picture of you as a bit of a baddie. The idea is that this bundling of old stuff from yesteryear will hopefully add weight to the weak and flimsy false charge they're trying desperately to get you convicted of today.

That's why police need to collect as much information on innocent citizens as possible.

Then of course there's the other little things they don't want to tell you about ICR's (but I will).

You see, criminals - and I mean real criminals, proper bad guys - know exactly how to use the internet anonymously. ICR's don't bother them, they know how to evade using them. So ICR's are only of use to police for collecting data on innocent members of the public, not criminals.

Then there's the issue of the security of your data.

It has been proven time and time again that the authorities cannot be trusted to keep our private and sensitive data safe.

Hackers are going to have a field-day with all your usernames, passwords, bank details, tax records.

Make no bones about it, the use of ICR's targets innocent members of the public and makes us less safe.

And that's exactly why no other Five Eyes nation collects ICR's and all who have tried to pass it in to law have failed.

But hey, that won't stop our untrustworthy police trying to get it passed in to law here in this country.

Just watch this space...