Tuesday 5 July 2016

Those Police Bankers

The whole country was united in revulsion when it was revealed that the fat cat bankers who caused the economic crash of 2008 - and were bailed out with billions of public money - were soon back to their old tricks of awarding themselves millions in bonuses while their banks were still losing money hand over fist.

So if I were to tell you that there are people out there right now who have received £8 million of public money in bonuses just for doing their jobs, while their organisation is facing £85 million in losses, I'm sure you'll be similarly angry.

Well, it's true.

Except this time it's not the bankers who are coining it in from millions of pounds of bonuses.

It's Police Scotland.

Yip, astonishingly thousands of police officers - up to the level of chief inspector - have been rewarded with record bonuses of almost £8 million in the last financial year.

And what did they do to get their grubby hands on £8 million of our money (because remember police are paid for by us)?

Well, to get their £8 million in bonuses all they had to do was:

1. Show a good attendance record

2. Display a 'commitment to police service values' (whatever that's supposed to mean).

In other words, if coppers turn up to work and toe the line, they get £8 million in bonuses.