Thursday 7 July 2016

The Health And Safety Executive Are As Corrupt As The Rest

The family of Sheku Bayoh, - still clutching at straws hoping to be given anything even approaching justice - have now asked the Health & Safety Executive to get involved with the investigation in to his death.

They have asked the HSE to prosecute Police Scotland.

Their rationale for this is that police had a duty of care to Sheku when they took him in to custody so their detention techniques - which from a HSE point of view are their working practices - are seriously in question.

They are quite right to insist the HSE get involved but sadly it's never gonna happen.

Here's why.

  • Health & Safety legislation is administered by local authorities - the HSE are in bed with councils.
  • Councils are run by councillors who are ex police officers, ex procurator fiscals and ex solicitors who fund police officers and sit on boards such as the Scottish Police Authority - the councils are in bed with the police.
  • The police are run by the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service who rely on police officers to appear every day as Crown witnesses to help them get prosecutions - the police are in bed with the Crown office.
  • The Crown office are the only people who can prosecute someone - and they're NOT going to prosecute their buddies in Police Scotland. No way.

When you join the dots you can very quickly see how these corrupt organisations are linked...and that dear readers is why it's never gonna happen.