Sunday 10 July 2016

Police Targeting Vulnerable People

Police Scotland in Levenmouth have launched a campaign in partnership with Fife Council to stop vulnerable people becoming the target of cruel scammers.

Chief Inspector Adrian Annandale said officers were passionate about protecting the elderly and disabled residents and would do everything they could to ensure they did not become victims.

I have another suggestion for Police Scotland.

If you're really serious about stopping scams against vulnerable people, then stop arresting them for silly minor infringements and crimes they haven't even committed - just because you know they don't have the money or education to defend themselves properly and you can get an easy conviction against them.

We all know you do it to make your crime figures look good.

You see, when it comes to scamming vulnerable people, untrustworthy Police Scotland (assisted by their buddies in the corrupt Crown office) are the biggest scammers you're ever likely to come across - bar none.

Walk in to any court, any day of the week, anywhere in Scotland, and you'll see it filled with the poorest and the most vulnerable people in our society.

You could be forgiven for thinking wealthy people and well educated people don't commit crimes when you visit our courts.

It's disgusting what the police and procurator fiscals do.

Oh yes Police Scotland, when it comes to scamming the poor and vulnerable it's you who the public need to be afraid of.