Wednesday 20 July 2016

Police Scotland Is An Old Boys Club

The Chief Constable of Police Scotland Phil 'Gormless' says his force must work harder to allow women to progress through the ranks (

His comments come after Police Scotland failed to attract a single female applicant for two senior assistant chief constable roles.

What a load of old codswallop.

The lack of women in top posts is nothing to do with how hard the administration works to promote women.

The lack of women in top posts is purely because Police Scotland is a dated, sexist, neanderthal, old boys club and network - and it ain't gonna change any time soon.

No one is going to work to promote women in Police Scotland. No one.

The chief constable is doing nothing more than paying this issue lip service.

His comments remind me of an old 'Yes Minister' episode in which the cabinet debate whether more women should be appointed to positions in Government departments (see below):