Friday 29 July 2016

Police Scotland Illegally Spy On All Of Us, Not Just Journalists

The headline of this post says it all.

As if we didn't know already, it has now been revealed that police in Scotland have been illegally spying on more than just journalists.

I'm sure it'll be no surprise to you to learn that GCHQ have been running a spying programme which collects information on all of our communications, movements and our use of social media.

What will surprise you is that this is all done through a secret surveillance unit called the Scottish Recording Centre (SRC) based in Glasgow.

The Scottish Recording Centre is linked up to, and has access to, a classified GCHQ project called MILKWHITE.

So what is MILKWHITE I hear you ask?

Well, MILKWHITE stores data on your usage of smartphone messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, and Jabber.

As well as tracking your movements, GCHQ have been using MILKWHITE to log your location data, track your movements, monitor your login passwords, and your web browsing history.

What is so alarming about MILKWHITE is that it was a new system set up by GCHQ but without any new legislation in place to protect our civil liberties.

The Investigatory Powers Bill (commonly known as the snooper’s charter) is the law that would cover projects like MILKWHITE and protect us, the public, from abuse by the project - but it won't come into effect in January 2017 if it's passed.

So we have a situation where GCHQ and untrustworthy Police Scotland have been in cahoots with each other, illegally spying on us, the public, for years.

And the next obvious question now has to be, is MILKWHITE still on-going?

Are Scottish police and GCHQ still illegally spying on us?

Surprise, surprise, GCHQ and Police Scotland have refused to say.

However, confidential files unearthed by Edward Snowden, the US whistleblower, show that only a couple of years ago GCHQ were seeking £20.8 Million to update an "advanced analytics system" which uses Police Scotland as its interception agent...

We'll take that as a yes then.