Wednesday 13 July 2016

Police Have No Authority To Stop You In Your Car

The executive committee of Falkirk Council are not very happy with Police Scotland.

It's all because Police Scotland have refused to carry out traffic management duties at community events like gala days.

Now you don't need to be Einstein to figure out why untrustworthy Police Scotland no longer want to help event organisers with all the stuff police should be doing like closing off roads, controlling traffic, and generally ensuring the safety of the public for the duration of an event.

Police are trying to save money.


By making the event organisers take on these responsibilities themselves, the event organisers are forced to do the police's job for them (and pick up the tab for doing it in to the bargain).

So this is a pretty obvious situation we have here.

Even leaving aside the elephant in the room which is that Police Scotland have a duty to ensure public safety, it's pretty clear what Police Scotland are saying to organisers:

"Sorry, we just can't afford to police your event".

But astonishingly this is not what Police Scotland have told the organisers.

Instead of being honest about their financial problems and their need to save money, Police Scotland have told Falkirk council that the reason they can't help them out at events any more is because they (the police) do not have the authority to enforce the law at such events.

This is astonishing.

In a letter to the council, Police Scotland said "It is acknowledged that previously police officers may have assisted organisers of such events on a goodwill and informal basis but without authority. Police Scotland has no desire to jeopardise the future of community events, but responsibility and activity must be restricted to and in keeping with the limitations of current legislation."

Let me translate that and put it in simpler terms.

Police Scotland have all of a sudden discovered that they do not have the power or authority to stop traffic going down a street.


So if you have ever been stopped by police driving your vehicle down the street, then according to this letter, police were acting outwith the law and had no legal right to stop you.

Either that or Police Scotland are just lying through their teeth.