Monday 25 July 2016

Police Dont Want To Know Unless Its One Of Their Own

It's the type of car accident that happens every day.

A guy and his wife go out shopping to their local retail park when another car 'bumps' in to them.

Nothing serious thankfully. The guys car has a dent, his wife bumps her head, and he receives a bit of whiplash, that's all. Nothing that a couple of paracetamols and a quick call to his insurance company won't sort out.

So it's understandable that when he called police on 101 to report the accident, police told him they wouldn't be attending.

Fair enough.

So why then did Police Scotland strangely change their minds and turn up after all, especially after saying they wouldn't attend?

And when they did turn up, why did they caution and breathalyse the victim, rather than the other driver who had caused the accident?

Well, the other driver who caused the accident was, wait for it, drum roll please...ta da off-duty policewoman.

Soooooo...police had no interest in this incident when the victim called them on 101 and asked them to attend...but changed their mind when they discovered that 'one of their own' was involved.

Make no bones about it, police cautioning and breathalysing the victim was nothing more than a desperate and corrupt attempt by them to try and shift the blame for the accident from their police colleague to the victim.

The victim had not been drinking, the victim had done nothing wrong, and the victim was not to blame for the accident.

The behaviour of police in this incident was disgraceful.

Oh, and one more thing which makes this doubly despicable.

The couple in the car that got hit by the off-duty policewoman also just happened to be the parents of M9 victim Lamara Bell.

Now I'll refrain from making the sort of obvious comments about how quick police were to attend this minor accident when they realised it involved one of their own colleagues but were not so quick to attend the accident that saw Lamara Bell lying dying in her car on the M9 for 3 days.

What I will say is that, ironic as this whole incident is, it's the type of familiar unscrupulous behaviour that we the Scottish public see from untrustworthy Police Scotland every day - and we're sick of it.

Police Scotland are quick to help one of their own, but slow to help the public.

This incident is also a perfect example of how police approach and conduct every investigation they're involved in.

When they get called to an incident, any incident, they immediately form an opinion on who they want the 'baddie' to be and then try to get as much evidence as they can to fit.

It's a disgrace.

They are supposed to investigate honestly, fairly, and without fear or favour, but they don't.

In this particular incident they had already decided that their police colleague needed to be the goodie and the victim needed to be the baddie. They hoped that a breathalyser test of the victim would help do that but it didn't.

There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the off-duty policewoman who caused the collision was the one who called her colleagues and that's why police attended after previously saying they wouldn't.

When they arrived they were definitely hell-bent on targeting the victim in order to let their colleague off the hook for the accident.

The two officers have now been formally warned by their superiors, which in police terms basically amounts to a slap on the wrist.

Which also means that these two bent coppers who tried to pervert the course of justice to save the skin of their own colleague at the expense of a victim they had already let down immensely are still on duty on our streets today wagging their haughty finger at members of the public.

And no doubt still unfairly investigating, arresting, and poorly treating members of the public who they are supposed to be helping, supporting, and protecting.