Friday 15 July 2016

Police Admit They Are Corrupt

Police are under fire for failing to inform the public of the positioning of their mobile speed camera vans in the north of Scotland.

What this means is that any speeding tickets issued in the last year using these mobile vans could be quashed because Police Scotland obtained them by illegal means.

As you can probably guess, police see it different.

A spokesman for untrustworthy Police Scotland has said that drivers would not be entitled to claim a grievance "as they would still be committing an offence."

That's very interesting.

Because it means we now have a situation where Police Scotland have stated that it is quite appropriate for them to break the law in order to catch you, the public, breaking the law.

So there you we it, and from the horses mouth.

It's ok for Police Scotland to break the law but you, a member of the public, cannot.

If police believe you to be guilty of something, they can break the law to catch you.

So much for your right to be treated as innocent until proved guilty eh? And that goes against everything that a decent, law abiding, and democratic society should be.

Police Scotland - by their own admission - have made it very clear to us that they are neither decent, law abiding, nor democratic.