Tuesday 19 July 2016

If Police Don't Respond To The Public It's The Public's Fault

Police Scotland have launched a campaign to try and stop members of the public from calling the emergency 999 number unless it's a proper emergency.

Examples they have given of inappropriate uses of the 999 number are a woman who called to say her snowman had been stolen, a man calling police to say he had been given a ‘dirty look’ by his neighbour, and a woman who asked police to remove a spider from her hall.

Police Scotland say these are examples of inappropriate emergency calls and answering these types of calls can tie up an operator who should be dealing with proper emergency calls.

It could even cost lives.

Can't argue with that.

Except, as is always the case with untrustworthy Police Scotland, there's always another angle to everything they do and everything they say.

Now, it won't be long until the M9 tragedy and a few other investigations in to incompetence at Police Scotland call centres, especially Bilston Glen, are completed and, well, everybody knows police are well in line to get the book thrown at them for these cock ups.

So this campaign is nothing more than Police Scotland setting out their stall in advance, in readiness to answer the scathing criticism that they know is coming their way very shortly.

You see, when they get hauled over the coals for leaving two people dead in a car on the M9 for days, their answer will be "but it was because our operators were busy on other non essential calls at the time.." (in other words, it's all the public's fault).

Of course they'll then add "but since then we have run a campaign to help try to stop members of the public calling us needlessly and we are now confident that this can never happen again..".

And just for good measure they'll probably finally finish it all off with the obligatory phrases "lessons have been learned..." and "it happened under a previous regime, the officers have now retired/moved on, and that particular department no longer exists..."

Yeah, you could write the script for this one before it even starts.