Saturday 30 July 2016

How Crown Office Discrimination Works

In the last post I talked about GCHQ and Police Scotland spying on us using secret projects which they first made sure were not covered by current privacy laws.

The illegal blanket spying of innocent citizens is completely unacceptable in any civilised society.

It's especially unacceptable in Scotland.

We are a nation who are supposed to show others in the world how to be a beacon of light and democracy and how to stand up for all things good and just.

So the fact that our police and crown office act unlawfully and undemocratically is not only embarrassing to the standards we hold ourselves up to, but is embarrassing to our once proud stance in the world.

Now, the most despicable thing any government can do to their own people - people they are supposed to be representing and protecting - is to seek to harm them while claiming to work for their benefit.

But that's what's happening in Scotland.

That's why I run this blog.

In my experience, I have found Police Scotland and the Crown office to be worthless despicable organisations run by worthless despicable people who seek to harm us while claiming to work for our benefit.

I can't change that fact.

It has been my experience with Police Scotland and the COPFS, and not just once or twice or the odd occasional time, but over and over again. That's why I know it's their culture - the culture of corruption.

The saddest thing I come across in my travels around Scotland speaking about these things is the large numbers of members of the public who are completely unaware that this kind of thing goes on in the police and in our courts.

I understand their ignorance - I honestly do.

Because in order to maintain their corrupt practices, it's absolutely essential that the police and the Crown office hide their corruption from the masses, lest good, honest, decent people would find out what they really do and how they really act.

If the general public ever got to know what goes on in courts up and down Scotland every day, there would be such an outcry that the police and Crown office would be dismantled and scrapped tomorrow.

Our whole justice system would completely collapse and that would be a good thing because it would then allow us to rebuild from the ground up, only this time it would be built properly and honestly.

But as you can guess, untrustworthy Police Scotland and the corrupt Crown office will never let that happen - their first priority is to protect themselves. You don't have to look too far in to the mountain of scandalous news stories about the police and the Crown office to know that they jump in to self-defence mode at the slightest hint of criticism (Coulson, bin lorry tragedy, Lockerbie, the list goes on).

So the bottom line is that good, honest and decent members of the public rarely find themselves having any interactions with our justice system so they simply have no idea how bad and how corrupt it actually is.

And that's exactly the way the police and the Crown office like it.

The average member of the Scottish public thinks we all live in a society where the police arrest the baddies and the Crown office prosecute them and put them behind bars - leaving us all safe to sleep in our beds at night.

It's an endearing notion, but it's also a fantasy notion.

And the reason that good, honest and decent folk will never get to know that it's a fantasy notion is because they will rarely if ever see the inside of a court room - they never get to see what's going on in our justice system so they remain ignorant to it. And our corrupt police and Crown office want it to stay that way.

The police and the Crown office don't want good, honest, decent folk with a good education and a good brain in their head seeing what goes on in the courts because if they do, they'll speak out about all the police and Crown office corruption and people will listen.

The last line of the paragraph above, especially the last three words, are the most important words you'll ever read regarding how the police and crown office ensure their corrupt ways and injustices continue.

So I'll repeat it again:

...they'll speak out about all the police and Crown office corruption and people will listen...

You see the police and the Crown office pursue the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society. Walk in to any court in the land, any day of the week, and you won't see a lot of well educated, well-heeled, middle-class folks in the dock.

But you will see plenty of jeans, t-shirts, and 'trackies' in the dock.

The police and Crown office target the poor and vulnerable for two simple reasons.

1. It's easy to get a conviction against them because they don't have the money or education to properly defend themselves.

2. Lots of successful convictions means it looks to the rest of the public that they are being tough on crime and doing a good job of keeping you all safe.

But there's also a 3rd reason which is not so obvious.

You see, the Crown office don't always get successful convictions.

Now and again some of the poor and vulnerable innocent people they try to prosecute actually get found innocent.

But the corrupt Procurator Fiscals know that when a poor or vulnerable person walks free from a court of law and comments on the injustice of it all saying things like "Aye man, they polis n' that man, tried tae fit me up fur nuthin' n' that, no whit ah mean big man" nobody listens to them.

But when a well educated, middle-class, professional type of person walks free from a court of law and makes the same comments on the injustice of it all but speaks in a properly structured and articulate way, people do listen.

So now you know why untrustworthy Police Scotland and the corrupt Crown office purposely discriminate against and target the poorest and the most vulnerable people in our society.

And that's why the only suits and ties you're likely to see the next time you visit a courtroom will be worn by the people outside the dock, not the people in it.