Friday 22 July 2016

Ex Crown Office Catherine Dyer Should NOT Be Involved In Child Protection

Former Crown office chief Catherine Dyer retired in March.

At the time I speculated here on this very blog that it wouldn't be long before she'd come out of retirement and be involved in some nice little earner.

Well, I was spot on.

Seems Catherine Dyer's so-called retirement didn't even last more than a few weeks.

And the reason I was able to predict this so accurately?

It's because I know that when people in these types of important jobs say they're going to retire, you just know that before anyone can utter the words 'Gardeners Weekly' they've pocketed the retirement pay off and move immediately back in to the job market.

In fact with these types of people, the 'new' job was usually set up before they retired and more often than not it involves them plopping their esteemed name on the headed notepaper of the nearest large corporation who'll pay them an exhorbitant fee for their name, ahem, 'expertise'.

True to form, and as I predicted, the former Crown office chief has now taken a wee job heading up an independent review of the child protection system in Scotland.

She will help with the review of policy, practice, services and structures and will look at child protection committees, initial case reviews, significant case reviews, and the child protection register.

John Swinney is quoted as saying Catherine Dyer will bring "expertise, experience and independence" to the review from her time as chief executive of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service.

I disagree.

Police Scotland and their puppet masters at the Crown office built a large part of their current infamous reputation from stopping and searching our children.

Catherine Dyer's Crown office prosecuted as many of them as they could and to this today still target the poorest and most vulnerable in our society and haul them before the courts because it's easy to get prosecutions against those unable to defend themselves properly.

A generation of innocent youngsters have grown up who hate the police and the Crown office for what they did to them.

That's why I believe Catherine Dyer is most certainly not the right person to be involved in anything to do with poor and vulnerable children.

It's nothing personal against Catherine Dyer.

But Catherine Dyer headed the Crown office, an organisation who seek to harm the public while pretending to work for our benefit.

I would object to anyone from the corrupt Crown office having any say on anything of any importance to the public - especially the protection of our children.