Sunday 24 July 2016

Everyone Loves Sergeant Jon Harris - Except His Superiors

It's the story that has been all over the internet and newspapers - even Gloria Gaynor has commented on it.

It's the wonderful story of Police Scotland's Sergeant Jon Harris's karaoke rendition of 'I Will Survive' at Glasgow's Waterloo bar.

In case you haven't heard about it already, basically police were called out to a disturbance at the Waterloo bar and, after arresting a man in connection with the disturbance, Sergeant Harris, in full uniform at the time, decided to then jump up on the karaoke, take the mic, and hilariously belt out the Gloria Gaynor classic - much to the embarrassment of his fellow officers but to the absolute delight of the crowd!

Good on him. What brilliant public relations from a police officer who fully understands the importance of, well, public relations.

Not so good were the guarded words of his boss afterwards.

Paranoid killjoy boss Chief Inspector Mark Sutherland said "I was pleased to see that once the incident had been professionally concluded, my officers were able to share a lighter moment with those who remained in the pub".

In other words, instead of just praising the officer like everyone else did, Chief Inspector Sutherland just had to go to pains to insist that the karaoke performance occurred, and only occurred, after "the incident had been professionally concluded".

What is it with these idiots at the top of Police Scotland?

They're always on the defensive.

This is one of the many problems with Police Scotland.

Sergeant Jon Harris's actions speak volumes for the way the public want our police to be. We want our police to be human, we want them to support the public, and we want them to be on our side - and Sergeant Harris did all that in spades.

But his boss Chief Inspector Mark Sutherland's comments on the other hand show the cynical defensive stance that those at the top of this suspicious, paranoid, cynical, and untrustworthy organisation always take.

The Scottish public have given Sergeant Harris a very large pat on the back for the way he treated the public, kept us safe, and showed the human side of our police.

But I bet his senior officers didn't give him quite as warm a pat on the back. No, it will have been more of a grudging "OK Harris, it may have turned out alright on this occasion but don't be doing this type of thing too often".

Sergeant Jon Harris and his attitude are exactly what we need in Police Scotland. We need more Sergeant Harris's.

But unfortunately it's the cynics like Chief Inspector Mark Sutherland who get the promotions and in to the real top jobs.

And that's not the sort of thing any of us feel like singing about.