Wednesday 27 July 2016

Crown Office Squander At Least £3 million

I blogged a couple of weeks ago about how the corrupt crown office have completed their investigation in to the Royal Bank of Scotland's behaviour over the 2008 economic collapse and how they have incredulously concluded that no one at RBS should be prosecuted for any wrong doing.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and the next question arising is how much their completely fruitless investigation cost the public?

Well, it seems the Crown office haven't a clue how much their investigation  - which resulted in, well absolutely nothing being done and no one charged - cost the taxpayer.

The only figure we have been able to prise out of them is that they paid 'financial experts' more than £3 million during the inquiry.

We have no idea who these 'financial experts' are or whether they are in fact 'experts' or whether they have any expertise in 'finance'. After all, organisations like the Scottish Police Authority and Glasgow Crooked City Council often put people in charge of financials who have no financial expertise whatsoever (and no clue about much else either for that matter).

But what I am sure of is that throwing £3 million at 'financial experts' just so they could tell us RBS didn't do anything wrong in 2008 when we all know the public had to bail them out with billions of our tax money doesn't sound like a particularly good deal to me.

Of course the only real way we'll get to the bottom of how much of our money the Crown office have spent on this ridiculous whitewash of a RBS investigation charade is by submitting a freedom of information request to the COPFS.

Oops, forget that idea...The Times have already tried that.

And the Crown office have responded to their FOI request by telling them "we do not keep that type of record".

So not only can the corrupt Crown office spend as much of our money as they like, they don't have to tell us how much they're spending.

And we have no right to know where the money has gone.

So much for transparency.

Remind me again who the Crown office work for?