Sunday 17 July 2016

Crown Office Helps Top Criminals In Big Business

You may remember I wrote not so long ago about the scheme which allows big corporations to self report cases of bribery to the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service.

The idea is that when a large company discovers wrong-doing in their ranks such as one of their managers bribing others to win business contracts or favours, they can report it to the Crown office themselves and receive a fine rather than waiting for police to investigate it and report it to the Crown office.

Of course the big problem with this - which I exposed in my post - is what this law really means is that when a big wig in a large corporation suspects that he's about to get found out for committing a crime (which would normally earn him some jail time), he can simply self-report it to the procurator fiscal and have it changed to a civil offence which means he only has to pay a fine (which wealthy execs in rich organisations can well afford).

It's akin to bribing the Crown office to keep you out of jail.

This new law is already very popular with those in big business as you can imagine.

So popular in fact that there have been calls to extend the scheme to other corporate crimes as well, not just bribery.

Yes folks, when it comes to keeping themselves out of jail for crimes they should really be getting banged up for, you can always rely on big wigs from big business to know exactly how to circumvent the justice system.

Oh, and of course you can always rely on our corrupt Crown office to help them do it.