Tuesday 26 July 2016

Council Stick Two Fingers Up To Police Scotland

Police Scotland sent a letter to Stirling council in which they objected to a licence being granted for a new hot dog restaurant in the city centre.

The council couldn't quite fathom why police had objected to the license proposal because the hot dog restaurant will be a family friendly bistro which provides specialised gourmet hot dogs, sandwiches, fine coffees, cakes and tea.

The restaurant owners also plan to host traditional Scottish folk music plus acoustic singers and provide a fusion of Scottish and American culture - hence they were seeking a licence to sell alcohol such as various craft beers and wines etc.

So a good niche family restaurant this most certainly is.

A den of iniquity it most certainly is not.

So why did untrustworthy Police Scotland submit a NINE page letter to the council objecting to the licence being granted for the hot dog restaurant?

Well, after taking a good look at police's nine-page letter, council officials realised that it wasn't really a proper letter. It was just one of those bog-standard generic template types of letter that they send out to everyone.

It was packed full of all sorts of blood curdling crime stats for the area including the number of serious assaults, attempted murders, robberies and assaults that take place in the area. I'm sure the stats were correct - but they're just not the sort of crimes anyone would expect to take place in a gourmet hot dog restaurant!

To add to the councils suspicions that the Police Scotland letter was ridiculously way over the top, no one from Police Scotland had even bothered to attend the licensing meeting despite the strong words in their letter to the council.

Councillor Martin Earl said "What concerns me about the letter is it is generic, and Police Scotland have not come to represent themselves, which should be noted. It should be fed back to them that if they have concerns about specific policy or applications they should attend and speak on any documentation they present. They should be here to debate the issue if they feel it’s important enough."

Well said Martin.

This is yet another example of just how lazy and incompetent Police Scotland have become. Without even thinking about the damage their incompetence can cost, they send out a silly ill-conceived template letter that, had the council not been smart enough to see through it, could have resulted in a good decent business in the community being unable to get off the ground.

Of course Police Scotland don't care about people or the community. They just shrug it off.

Anyway, the good news is that the council unanimously voted to grant a licence to the restaurant, The Dawg Hoose in Stirling.

And by doing so the council also gave a big two-fingered salute to the idiots at untrustworthy Police Scotland and their nine pages of nonesense too.

I hope they used the letter for toilet paper.