Friday 3 June 2016

Why The Public Do Not Help Police

The Scottish Institute for Policing Research have issued a warning that serious 'internal structural disconnects' exist within Police Scotland.

Their report concludes that policing at a local level is being harmed due to the centralisation of Police Scotland in to one large national force.

Oh come on. This isn't exactly something we didn't already know. Hey, even the Scottish Police Authority chairman said in his review a few weeks ago of police governance that the "overriding perception has been that local communities are not being listened to and that local commanders do not have enough autonomy to make local decisions".

But what really sparked my interest was one of the examples they gave of divisional commanders at a local level - who should be taking decisions on their own turf - being completely passed over by central police chiefs higher up the chain.

This makes a complete nonesense of untrustworthy Police Scotland's constant claims that policing on a local level is being adhered to and that local issues are being addressed by local officers.

One particular example the Scottish Institute for Policing Research gave were of an instance where officers from other regions, operating under the command of a police chief above the divisional commander’s head, moved in and started giving out speeding tickets to drivers.

And the particular comment that struck me was when they said:

"There was a perception locally that these officers issued tickets in line with a different policing culture and performance targets, whereas previously the local force focused less on tickets and more on engagement with the drivers with a view to changing driving behaviour"

Just read that comment above again. Note the words performance targets.

It just confirms what every driver in Scotland already knows - that Police Scotland operate a policy whereby they purposely target the Scottish public in order to make money from us.

Now, police using the motorist as a cash cow is nothing new. Everybody knows motorists are viewed as easy targets by the police (even though police continue to insult our intelligence by denying it).

But, the Scottish public, expect Police Scotland to help and protect us - not target us just so they can make a few quid and make us in to criminals (yes folks, in case you didn't know, even minor traffic violations are CRIMINAL offences, not civil offences).

One of the worst things that can happen in any society is when the people who are supposed to protect us secretly seek to do us harm.

And untrustworthy Police Scotland seek to harm us, not protect us.

It's scandalous.

However what goes around comes around and the disgraceful way Police Scotland behave towards the public has consequences.

Because the next time the police want help from an otherwise honest, decent and upstanding member of the public who they issued a minor traffic ticket to a few years ago, that member of the public will remember very clearly the day an arrogant copper made him in to a criminal just to impose his authority on him, hit targets, make a few quid, and make the crime figures look good.

He'll remember how police treated him like a common criminal.

He'll remember the fine he had to pay.

He'll remember the points he got on his licence.

He'll remember how his car insurance went up.

He'll remember how the police made him feel that day.

Hey, you can try and justify everything you did to that member of the public that day by showing him as many shocking pictures of car crashes and dead babies as you want Mr Plod.

But a few minutes of your road safety horror stories to try and justify that ticket you once issued to him will never, ever come close to countering the years of grudge and hatred that has built up inside him towards you for what you did to him. He will never forget how you made him feel that day you made him in to a criminal. 

And he'll never forget that you made him in to a criminal for something which was a minor infringement that only deserved a helpful warning.

He'll never forget the damage you did to him just so you could make yourself feel big and important by imposing your authority on him gestapo style and get a pat on the back from your Sergeant when you got back to the station.

And he'll walk away from you at a crucial time when you need his help.