Wednesday 22 June 2016

The Orkney Fudge

The Divisional Road Policing Team have been busy wee bees up in Orkney.

During a 5 day visit to this beautiful part of the country, they managed to 'collar' 78 drivers.

They gave out 34 tickets including 9 for insurance offences, 5 speeding tickets, 1 mobile phone offence, 3 licensing offences. On top of that 33 warnings were given and 11 vehicles taken off the road.

With a result like that in just 5 days it's no wonder the Divisional Road Policing Team say they will continue to visit Orkney to support local police.

I know that the targeting of motorists who are otherwise innocent law abiding members of the public helps untrustworthy Police Scotland fiddle the crime figures and make it look as if police are doing a good job. In fact 78 'collars' in just 5 days in a wee place like Orkney is good going for them.

But we have to look closer at why the local police in Orkney didn't give out all these tickets. Why did the Divisional Road Policing Team need to travel all the way up to Orkney to help boost their crime figures instead of letting the local police up there do it?

Easy answer.

Local police do not have the officers, the time, nor the resources to do their job properly.

The one-size-fits-all Police Scotland project is NOT working and policing at local levels are being harmed.

If local coppers can't even give out a speeding ticket these days what chance is there of them catching a burglar, a murderer or a rapist?