Monday 6 June 2016

The Camera Shy Coppers

A man has been arrested by Police Scotland for dangerous driving when a member of the public filmed him from his dash cam making a dangerous over-taking manoeuvre.

Police Scotland have warned the public that dash cams are becoming more common and that the video footage can prove you've committed an offence and will cause you to be arrested.

I'm confused.

I also used a video cam - to film three police officers lying to arrest me, an innocent man.

But the three lying police officers (PC Brian Fowler, PC Jamie Collins and PC Susan Glendinning) were never arrested despite the video footage clearly showing them committing an offence.

What could possibly be different from my video footage of the law being broken and the dash cam driver's video footage of the law being broken?

Oh I've just figured it out.

My video showed the POLICE breaking the law while his video showed a member of the public breaking the law.

Move along now, nothing to see here.