Monday 27 June 2016

Seriously Ill Man Ignored By Police

Police Scotland were called to an incident in Edinburgh where they found a 73 year old man in need of urgent medical attention. The man remains in hospital.

A police spokesman says, "Following a report of concern about the welfare of the occupant at the property, officers arrived to find a seriously ill 73-year-old man, who remains in hospital."

Sounds fine doesn't it?

But as is always the case with untrustworthy Police Scotland, it's not what they tell you that's important - it's what they DON'T tell you.

And in this case what untrustworthy Police Scotland DON'T tell us is that it took them several hours before they responded to the call.

Oh, and there's another thing police have kinda 'forgot' to tell us.

The call was made to the infamous Bilston Glen police call handling centre - the same call handling centre the M9 crash call went to, which resulted in two people lying dead in a car for days.