Thursday 9 June 2016

Public Come Last

The old police station at Renfrew has been empty for quite a while now and is slowly rotting away.

It's such a shame because the building and it's car park could really benefit the public - it's right in the centre of the town.

It seems the reason it has been left to go to rack and ruin is because the owners, Renfrew Council (via their Common Good Fund) and Police Scotland, the old occupiers, have on-going 'issues' and cannot reach agreement.

No further information is given about what 'issues' there are with this situation so I'm at a loss to guess what's going on and who's to blame for the fiasco.

But what I do know is that councils are elected by us and are supposed to run public services for our benefit.

And Police Scotland are paid for by us and supposed to be run for our benefit.

So how come the public are being deprived the use of this building while the two parties who are both supposed to be working for our benefit fight it out - while leaving us on the sidelines?