Wednesday 15 June 2016

Proof That Police Scotland Are Hypocrites

This story wouldn't normally be anything unusual.

A punter walks in to strip club in Glasgow and pays fifty quid for a private dance.

He get's a bit shirty with the girl when the dance - which he reckons should last 30 minutes - only lasts 10 minutes.

So he attacks the girl (allegedly), demands his fifty quid back, security get called, and the punter get's thrown out the club - the club have a very strict no-touching policy and any incidents involving the girls are dealt with very quickly by security.

Afterwards he realises he's left his wallet in the club so goes back to get it. The club security guys, fearing more trouble, call the police.

When the police arrive the punter accuses the bouncers of assaulting him.

However when the police check the CCTV footage it shows that the punter was the one who committed the assault.

False accusations are serious stuff, so police arrest him.

Nothing particularly unusual.

Except the punter's wallet didn't just contain the usual money, bank cards etc.

It also contained his warrant card.

Yip, you got it. The punter causing the rammie was an off-duty policeman.

Police Scotland are always claiming the moral high ground when it comes to strip clubs and gentlemen's establishments. They're always raiding them, trying to shut them down, accusing them of all sorts of things from prostitution to money laundering, drug dealing, you name it.

Oh yes, untrustworthy Police Scotland just love to thump the good book, adjust the halo above their head, and pontificate to us all about our moral behaviour.

Yet while our bold boys in blue are earning the money we pay them battering down the doors of these establishments trying to close them down one day, the next day they're secretly nipping back for a wee lap dance or two.

As long as the lap dance lasts more than 10 minutes of course...

Hypocrites, the lot of them.