Sunday 5 June 2016

Political Policing

The Scottish Police Federation (SPF) have demanded that police officers (who are supposed to be neutral and conduct themselves without fear or favour and all that) be allowed to get involved in politics and actively campaign for political parties.

Now let's be clear here.

There is one reason and one reason only why untrustworthy Police Scotland want to be allowed to get involved in politics.

It's so that they can push for the politician or party that will give them the most power or the least scrutiny (preferrably both). Period.

The police work on the premise that if they make lots of arrests it shows that they're doing a good job. It's a nonesense of course, it only alienates them from the public, but that's the way they think.

The problem is that police discovered a long time ago that arresting and getting convictions against people with a good education and access to funds to prepare a real and proper defence is difficult.

That's why police like to target the poor and vulnerable instead.

Go in to any court room anywhere and Scotland on any day of the week and you could be forgiven for thinking educated and wealthy people don't commit crimes - because more than 90% of the cases that come before the courts every day are prosecutions against the poorest and most vulnerable people from some of the most destitute areas of our country.

This is no co-incidence. They poor and vulnerable can't fight back.

So if Police Scotland are allowed to get involved in politics as they are demanding (by the way they're not asking, they're demanding) then you know that the police will favour politicians and parties that support hard line policing.

Police will never support a politician or party that wants social justice, rights for the poor and vulnerable, and an end to austerity.


Police need social injustice, poverty, and austerity to remain firmly in place to ensure they have a fertile breeding ground of poor and vulnerable people to throw in to their cells and get easy convictions against.

Ah, it's all politics.