Tuesday 7 June 2016

Police Take Revenge Against Anyone Who Complains About Them

Alastair Hay is a farmer.

Four years ago he reported to police that 400 of his ewes had been stolen.

He says police did nothing.

Police Scotland rural crime officer, Graham Gordon, see's it differently though. He says that "The police would have definitely looked into this at the time, but when there is little evidence, which is often the case in rural crime, due to a lack of witnesses, there isn't always a lot we can do."

Fair enough. Can't argue with that I suppose.

But astonishingly Police Scotland rural crime officer Graham Gordon goes one step further.

He then says:

"My advice would be for farmers to check their livestock and valuable equipment at least once every day, and to keep an eye on any suspicious activity around their farms and livestock. Not only does this ensure the livestock and valuable equipment is still where it should be, it means that any injured or dead animals can be attended to. If they are not dealt with within a certain period, the farmer can end up in trouble."

So let me get this right..

The farmer complains that police have done nothing about a crime he reported to them...and police answer his concerns by threatening to arrest him!

It's astonishing. You really couldn't make it up.

So the message from Police Scotland is very clear.

If you dare to complain about their incompetence, your card's marked - they'll have it in for you.

Ah, as if I didn't already know.