Saturday 25 June 2016

Police Scotland Still Lying To The Public

Untrustworthy Police Scotland are still remaining silent about their role in the notorious National Public Order Intelligence Unit.

The public already know that Police Scotland are up to their necks in the NPOIU scandal and while they try to insult our intelligence by claiming that the unit only operated south of the border, every other week we see more names of Scottish police officers who were involved with the unit come out.

If Police Scotland told me it was raining, I'd still go outside to check.

The latest 'name' to leak out is a salesman from Angus called Paul Hogan who works for Alba Power, a company near Stonehaven. His secret background would have remained uncovered if it hadn't been for an eagle-eyed journalist who spotted his CV on LinkedIn.

What's more disturbing than anything is that as soon as his CV was exposed, he immediately deleted the info from his LinkedIn bio - a sure sign that the authorities in Scotland are desperate to keep this all covered up.

But the great thing about the internet is when information gets out there it spreads easily. Attempts to hide that info afterwards by deleting the original article are usually futile and tantamount to locking the stable door after the horse has bolted.

So despite attempts to hide the information, we now know that salesman Paul Hogan was previously a Detective Inspector with Police Scotland and was also in charge of a unit which worked with the infamous NPOIU which is being investigated by the Pitchford Inquiry.

Most notably, the Pitchford Inquiry is only investigating the NPOIU (which was responsible for numerous miscarriages of justice) in England and Wales - Scotland is not part of the Pitchford Inquiry.

Paul Hogan's biography said he was "Seconded to a National Unit responsible for gathering, assessing and disseminating intelligence relating to Domestic Extremism, including Animal Rights, Left & Right Wing Extremists and Environmental Extremism." and "Attending force areas throughout the UK I would work with covert assets to assist with the planning, preparation and implementation of any operational policing response to planned demonstrations where there was potential for extremist activity."

We know that DI Hogan was involved in policing at the G8 Summit at Gleaneagles in 2005 when undercover Met police were working in Scotland including the notorious Mark Kennedy.

So the phrase 'up to his neck in it' immediately springs to mind.

Last June (2015) prosecutors were ordered by the courts to pay the legal bill of 29 environmental protesters who were unjustly convicted.

The Crown was forced to pay £43,000 after conceding that crucial evidence gathered by Kennedy was improperly withheld from the protesters’ trial.

The NPOIU, their secret operations, their abuse of innocent members of the public, and the ways they perverted justice is nothing short of a scandal.

Trying to peddle stories that these abuses were only happening in England and that Police Scotland officers were never involved is an insult to the Scottish public.

We should not have to wait until more names of Police Scotland officers come out of the woodwork before we get a public enquiry in to the Scottish links to this notorious unit.

Instead, Police Scotland should be honest with us and tell us what their involvement was.

And although I and many others have demanded that honesty from police, they still remain chillingly silent.