Wednesday 1 June 2016

Man Dies - Police Give Conflicting Stories

Police in Dundee used stop and search to, well, stop and search James Gardiner, a 42 year old man.

They handcuffed him but, no doubt frustratingly for them, they found nothing on him. He'd done nothing wrong so they had to let him go. 

Police just hate it when that happens don't they?

Anyway, a few short hours later James was dead. He also had a large bump on his head and no one seems to know how it got there.

One explanation, offered up by one of the police officers is that he fell over while his hands were handcuffed behind his back.

Only problem with that explanation is that the other officer gave a different story and said James had to be wrestled to the ground by both officers and banged his head during the struggle.

To add to the mystery, police didn't take him to hospital or check him over after he received this head injury.

A post mortem concluded that James death was unexplained. His father, James senior, is understandably unhappy with this.

He told The Courier "I don’t want to cause trouble or make a fuss if there had been a reasonable explanation about what happened I would’ve left it. It’s the lack of consistency that bothers me".

It bothers me too James. 

And I disagree with you. 

You SHOULD cause trouble and make a fuss.

Because when two police officers tell two different stories it means one of them is lying.

You may never get justice for your sons death (unfortunately we don't do justice here in Scotland in case you haven't heard) but you might, just might, get one or even two corrupt lying coppers off our streets.

You might just help save someone else's son or daughters life.

And this is worth pursuing for that alone.