Thursday 2 June 2016

Kanye West Shooting A Video In Skye

Leaving aside for one moment that Kanye West is supposed to be pink lint (rhyming slang for skint), he's certainly been splashing the cash by jetting over the pond and the sea to Skye to shoot his latest video.

Congratulations Kanye in discovering what we in Scotland have always known - Scotland is beautiful and it doesn't get much more beautiful than up there in Skye.

Sadly, Kanye's trip turned a wee bit ugly.

I don't mean there was any problems or confrontations involving Kanye.

No, what I mean is Police Scotland, in anticipation of Kanye's arrival, tried to get all cool and hip and down with the kids on twitter - and man that was ugly.

Their tweet was:

"Out in your #Kardashin around #Skye this summer? We'll be #KeepingUp with you so #Kanye please drive sensibly? #OpRoute #HipHopCops"

Oooof. Embarrassing or what.

I'm no fan of Kanye West, but I am a hospitable person and proud of my country. So when a visitor from overseas comes to visit and there's absolutely no reason to suspect he's come here to break any laws (in fact he'll help the Skye economy), I really don't think it's appropriate for our police to threaten to follow him around everywhere he goes in his car waiting for him to do 31mph in a 30mph limit.

Mind you, they do that to us Scots every day, so I suppose at least untrustworthy Police Scotland are consistent if nothing else.

I wouldn't be surprised if Kanye takes offence at police suggesting he's come here to break the laws of our land and he leaves in disgust.

Personally I'd rather he stayed here. Hey, he could apply for the chief constables job.

Because I'd feel safer with Kanye West at the helm of Police Scotland than having Phil 'Gormless' and his rag taggle bag of hip hop cops any day.

Kanye West may be a big-heided numpty, but he's also probably an honest and decent guy.

And that would make a refreshing change at Police Scotland.