Monday 20 June 2016

Is New Lord Advocate James Wolffe Crooked?

Let's get one thing straight before we even start this conversation.

The Lord Advocate works for us.

The Lord Advocate is appointed to run the Crown office and the Crown office exists to represent and protect us, the public. They are there to prosecute the bad guys and keep us safe.

Got it?

Ok, let's begin.

When someone works for us, we need them to be on our side.

A bit obvious that one, I know.

We need them to be on the side of the public, the common man, and work for truth, justice and honesty for us. We need them to protect us especially from big corporations and those in the establishment who seek to harm us.

What we do NOT need is someone at the helm who is an establishment figure. That goes against everything a Lord Advocate should be.

The Lord Advocate must help, support and protect us, the public AGAINST the establishment.

He should be OUR man inside the establishment flying the flag for the Scottish public and fighting our battles for us.

So, is James Wolffe, the new Lord Advocate, a man of the people or is he an establishment figure?

Well, he's the guy who supported the Government in the deeply unpopular Named Person Scheme - a "Big Brother" legislation which undermines parents, breaches a family's right to privacy by permitting the state unlimited access to pry into the privacy of families in their homes, gives them the power to access confidential data on the family, and allows them to talk to a child without their parents agreeing with what they say.

In short, our new Lord Advocate reckons that responsibility for monitoring a child's wellbeing should be the role of the state (ie the establishment) and not the parents.

To take but one example, doctors would inform head teachers when they put a schoolgirl on the pill - parents would be ignored.

Next, let's move on to James Wolffes involvement with the old Parliament Building in Edinburgh.

While Dean of Faculty Of Advocates, James Wolffe did a secret deal with Scottish Ministers in which Parliament Parliament House - built in 1640 and the seat of power for Scotland’s judiciary and the nation’s highest, most expensive, elusive and pro-big business court – was taken off the citizens of Edinburgh who paid for it’s construction by Scottish Ministers and 'gifted' to the Faculty of Advocates for FREE.

The 'gift' included the full land titles of the court buildings - despite it being built with money raised by the people of Edinburgh and part of the city’s Common Good Fund. The property and land had always been administered by the council for the best interests of the people of Edinburgh.

But now it belongs to the Faculty Of Advocates who sneakily acquired it for buck shee.

Nice one James.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, they also just happened to get possession of the keys for this priceless building AFTER a £58 million refurbishment had been done.

In other words, the Scottish Government took this historic building off the people of Scotland and handed it over to James Wolffe and his Faculty of Advocates who registered the title deeds to the interior of the building in their own name.

Now, when I heard that we had a new Lord Advocate it took me less than 5 minutes to find out this stuff about James Wolffe you see above. It wasn't difficult to find out just how much of a friend of the establishment he really is. I'm going to keep digging and I bet you I find more.

So, do you think the new Lord Advocate with his £2,300 a week pay packet will be working in OUR best interests or the interests of the Government, the establishment and his corporate masters?

I'm gonna stick my neck out here and predict that it'll be business as usual at the corrupt Crown office.

In fact, why bother even predicting.

I KNOW it will be business as usual for the corrupt Crown office with James Wolffe at the helm.