Friday 24 June 2016

Dundee Police Bigots

Mark Hutton was a 29 year old man from Whitfield in Dundee.

He was found dead by officers in his cell at the Tayside Division headquarters on March 5th.

Two months after it happened Mark's mum Mary is still waiting for answers from Police Scotland.

What we do know is that Mark was stopped by officers while on his motorbike...but he passed a breathalyser test.

What we don't know is why he was taken in to police custody and why he was found dead in his cell just hours later.

Mark’s mum, Mary said, "We’re still waiting for justice for Mark. I think the police handled this very badly at the time" and "It feels like we’ve had little respect shown to us from the beginning. We’re no further forward"

Unfortunately I can't answer these questions for Mary.

But Mary would also like to know the answer to another question: Why did one of the officers ask what school Mark (29) went to and why is that important?

And I can answer that one.

You see in Scotland there still exists a great deal of religious bigotry (sad, but true). And when you have a large untrustworthy organisation which wields great power and authority over the general public - as Police Scotland do - they become a fertile breeding ground for bigots.

So when police asked Mary what school her 29 year old son used to attend a couple of decades ago, what they were really trying to find out was what religion she and her family are.

If you're of the same religion as the copper who asked the question, he'll like you and he'll help you.

But if you're of a different religion from him, he'll bury the case and any complaints you've got against the police quicker than you buried your son.