Wednesday 1 June 2016

Cut Crime By 85%

Senior Police Scotland officers are at breaking point due to excessive workloads and pressure according to Chief Superintendent Niven Rennie, the chairman of the Association of Police Superintendents.

This is good news.

Not because I would want to wish any ill health on anyone.

But if problems with senior police officers health have been identified and are being made public, it's a cry for help. They are looking for a solution to their problem.

And I'm just the man to provide that solution to them.

As with every problem, if you look deep enough in to the problem you will often find the solution.

CS Rennie says that there is far too much work for top cops and it's causing health problems for many officers. Increasing numbers of senior officers are suffering from depression and other mental health disorders because of it.

So I have a solution which can cut their workload by around 85% and restore them to their sanity.

Stop pursuing, detaining, arresting, and charging the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society.

85% of the people you see in our courts every day are the poorest and most vulnerable in society. You can't tell me that middle class, educated, wealthy people don't commit crimes - yet I don't see many of them in the courts each day. I'm sure the fact that middle class, educated, wealthy people have the intellect and means to defend themselves against you and your goons is just co-incidence CS Rennie eh? Yeah right.

So, tell your officers to stop targeting the poor and the vulnerable and you'll cut your workload by 85%.

Admittedly there is a downside. You, Police Scotland and your Crown office buddies won't get as many convictions in the courts. Which means you won't be able to deceive the public in to thinking you're being tough on crime like you do now.

Another downside is that the 85% reduction in the crime rate will allow we, the public, to get rid of 85% of your Police Scotland officers - and I can't guarantee that you won't be one of them CS Rennie. did ask for a solution and you won't find a better (or more honest) solution than this one, I guarantee.