Thursday 23 June 2016

COPFS Mess Up A £185,000 Case

Three Vietnamese guys in Fife were charged by police with running a cannabis factory. It's reckoned there was around £185,000 of the stuff.

But we'll never know if the men were guilty or not because the case got thrown out before it even got started.

The accused men's solicitors claim the case got thrown out because there had been an abuse of process in the way the Crown handled the case.

But a spokesman for Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service claims, "The case could not go ahead as police and the court were unable to provide an interpreter in the time available".

Mmmm, two very different stories.

Someone has obviously got it wrong then.

So let me cut through the confusion.

The corrupt and incompetent Crown office messed this case up - and they messed it up big time.

Glad to have cleared that up.