Friday 17 June 2016

Coins And Coppers

An Edinburgh coin dealer was just a wee bit suspicious when two men walked in to his shop and tried to sell him three gold renaissance coins.

It wasn't just that gold renaissance coins are rather rare and you won't find many folks walking up and down Princes Street with a couple of them in their pockets.

It also just so happens that the National Museum of Scotland had three gold renaissance coins nicked the day before.

Kudos to the crafty coin dealer. He managed to convince the men to come back the next day - and then called Police Scotland so that cops could be there to arrest them on their return.

And the men did return the next day.

So did the cops.

But not at the same time.

So the men got away.

But it gets worse.

The dealer was determined not to give up until he saw these thieves behind bars. So he arranged for the men to come back another time again. And guess what?

I don't really need to tell you do I?!

Turns out that the coin dealer got the men to come back to his shop SIX times. But each time the cops didn't show up.

We still don't have an explanation why Police Scotland missed every opportunity to get these guys.

Perhaps they were too busy arresting football fans having a singsong in the pub next door.