Thursday 30 June 2016

Police Scotland Close Ranks And Blame The Dead

The lawyer representing the family of Sheku Bayoh has accused Police Scotland of closing ranks after his death in police custody.

In his statement, Aamer Anwar said "As we have seen from Hillsborough it is instinctive for police officers to blame the dead rather than their own and for families to be placed on the perverse situation of relying on the police for the truth. Within minutes of Sheku’s death, the most powerful institution in our country closed ranks, passing blame to Sheku".

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Wednesday 29 June 2016

Photos Of A Traumatised PC

This is PC Nicole Short enjoying a day out and taking a selfie at a Celtic football match.

She certainly looks happy and relaxed.

In case you haven't heard of her, she is one of the cops involved in the Sheku Bayoh scandal.

She has also been on sick leave with FULL PAY for the last year and insists that she can't come back to work because she is still traumatised.

I have a suggestion.

Since we, the public, are still paying her wages while she goes and enjoys sporting events, why don't we get her back to work - by putting her on crowd control duty at Celtic matches.

Because according to the pic it doesn't look like she'd be too traumatised to do that particular job?

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Lecturer Criticises Police Scotland And Ends Up On An Employment Blacklist

Dr Nick McKerrell is a lecturer on law.

His employment prospects have taken a serious dent after he discovered his name is on a secret employment blacklist.

I don't know why.

But what I do know is that Dr McKerrell has spoken out very publicly about the 'aggressive' tactics of Police Scotland.

And now he finds himself on an employment blacklist.

Probably just co-incidence eh?

Monday 27 June 2016

Seriously Ill Man Ignored By Police

Police Scotland were called to an incident in Edinburgh where they found a 73 year old man in need of urgent medical attention. The man remains in hospital.

A police spokesman says, "Following a report of concern about the welfare of the occupant at the property, officers arrived to find a seriously ill 73-year-old man, who remains in hospital."

Sounds fine doesn't it?

But as is always the case with untrustworthy Police Scotland, it's not what they tell you that's important - it's what they DON'T tell you.

And in this case what untrustworthy Police Scotland DON'T tell us is that it took them several hours before they responded to the call.

Oh, and there's another thing police have kinda 'forgot' to tell us.

The call was made to the infamous Bilston Glen police call handling centre - the same call handling centre the M9 crash call went to, which resulted in two people lying dead in a car for days.

Sunday 26 June 2016

Online Survey - Tell Police Scotland What You Think Of Them

Got an opinion on Police Scotland?

They want to hear from you so tell them what you think of their policing at their online survey at:

Saturday 25 June 2016

Police Scotland Still Lying To The Public

Untrustworthy Police Scotland are still remaining silent about their role in the notorious National Public Order Intelligence Unit.

The public already know that Police Scotland are up to their necks in the NPOIU scandal and while they try to insult our intelligence by claiming that the unit only operated south of the border, every other week we see more names of Scottish police officers who were involved with the unit come out.

If Police Scotland told me it was raining, I'd still go outside to check.

The latest 'name' to leak out is a salesman from Angus called Paul Hogan who works for Alba Power, a company near Stonehaven. His secret background would have remained uncovered if it hadn't been for an eagle-eyed journalist who spotted his CV on LinkedIn.

What's more disturbing than anything is that as soon as his CV was exposed, he immediately deleted the info from his LinkedIn bio - a sure sign that the authorities in Scotland are desperate to keep this all covered up.

But the great thing about the internet is when information gets out there it spreads easily. Attempts to hide that info afterwards by deleting the original article are usually futile and tantamount to locking the stable door after the horse has bolted.

So despite attempts to hide the information, we now know that salesman Paul Hogan was previously a Detective Inspector with Police Scotland and was also in charge of a unit which worked with the infamous NPOIU which is being investigated by the Pitchford Inquiry.

Most notably, the Pitchford Inquiry is only investigating the NPOIU (which was responsible for numerous miscarriages of justice) in England and Wales - Scotland is not part of the Pitchford Inquiry.

Paul Hogan's biography said he was "Seconded to a National Unit responsible for gathering, assessing and disseminating intelligence relating to Domestic Extremism, including Animal Rights, Left & Right Wing Extremists and Environmental Extremism." and "Attending force areas throughout the UK I would work with covert assets to assist with the planning, preparation and implementation of any operational policing response to planned demonstrations where there was potential for extremist activity."

We know that DI Hogan was involved in policing at the G8 Summit at Gleaneagles in 2005 when undercover Met police were working in Scotland including the notorious Mark Kennedy.

So the phrase 'up to his neck in it' immediately springs to mind.

Last June (2015) prosecutors were ordered by the courts to pay the legal bill of 29 environmental protesters who were unjustly convicted.

The Crown was forced to pay £43,000 after conceding that crucial evidence gathered by Kennedy was improperly withheld from the protesters’ trial.

The NPOIU, their secret operations, their abuse of innocent members of the public, and the ways they perverted justice is nothing short of a scandal.

Trying to peddle stories that these abuses were only happening in England and that Police Scotland officers were never involved is an insult to the Scottish public.

We should not have to wait until more names of Police Scotland officers come out of the woodwork before we get a public enquiry in to the Scottish links to this notorious unit.

Instead, Police Scotland should be honest with us and tell us what their involvement was.

And although I and many others have demanded that honesty from police, they still remain chillingly silent.

Friday 24 June 2016

Dundee Police Bigots

Mark Hutton was a 29 year old man from Whitfield in Dundee.

He was found dead by officers in his cell at the Tayside Division headquarters on March 5th.

Two months after it happened Mark's mum Mary is still waiting for answers from Police Scotland.

What we do know is that Mark was stopped by officers while on his motorbike...but he passed a breathalyser test.

What we don't know is why he was taken in to police custody and why he was found dead in his cell just hours later.

Mark’s mum, Mary said, "We’re still waiting for justice for Mark. I think the police handled this very badly at the time" and "It feels like we’ve had little respect shown to us from the beginning. We’re no further forward"

Unfortunately I can't answer these questions for Mary.

But Mary would also like to know the answer to another question: Why did one of the officers ask what school Mark (29) went to and why is that important?

And I can answer that one.

You see in Scotland there still exists a great deal of religious bigotry (sad, but true). And when you have a large untrustworthy organisation which wields great power and authority over the general public - as Police Scotland do - they become a fertile breeding ground for bigots.

So when police asked Mary what school her 29 year old son used to attend a couple of decades ago, what they were really trying to find out was what religion she and her family are.

If you're of the same religion as the copper who asked the question, he'll like you and he'll help you.

But if you're of a different religion from him, he'll bury the case and any complaints you've got against the police quicker than you buried your son.

Thursday 23 June 2016

COPFS Mess Up A £185,000 Case

Three Vietnamese guys in Fife were charged by police with running a cannabis factory. It's reckoned there was around £185,000 of the stuff.

But we'll never know if the men were guilty or not because the case got thrown out before it even got started.

The accused men's solicitors claim the case got thrown out because there had been an abuse of process in the way the Crown handled the case.

But a spokesman for Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service claims, "The case could not go ahead as police and the court were unable to provide an interpreter in the time available".

Mmmm, two very different stories.

Someone has obviously got it wrong then.

So let me cut through the confusion.

The corrupt and incompetent Crown office messed this case up - and they messed it up big time.

Glad to have cleared that up.

Wednesday 22 June 2016

The Orkney Fudge

The Divisional Road Policing Team have been busy wee bees up in Orkney.

During a 5 day visit to this beautiful part of the country, they managed to 'collar' 78 drivers.

They gave out 34 tickets including 9 for insurance offences, 5 speeding tickets, 1 mobile phone offence, 3 licensing offences. On top of that 33 warnings were given and 11 vehicles taken off the road.

With a result like that in just 5 days it's no wonder the Divisional Road Policing Team say they will continue to visit Orkney to support local police.

I know that the targeting of motorists who are otherwise innocent law abiding members of the public helps untrustworthy Police Scotland fiddle the crime figures and make it look as if police are doing a good job. In fact 78 'collars' in just 5 days in a wee place like Orkney is good going for them.

But we have to look closer at why the local police in Orkney didn't give out all these tickets. Why did the Divisional Road Policing Team need to travel all the way up to Orkney to help boost their crime figures instead of letting the local police up there do it?

Easy answer.

Local police do not have the officers, the time, nor the resources to do their job properly.

The one-size-fits-all Police Scotland project is NOT working and policing at local levels are being harmed.

If local coppers can't even give out a speeding ticket these days what chance is there of them catching a burglar, a murderer or a rapist?

Tuesday 21 June 2016

Assistant Chief Constable Of Police Scotland Charged With Shoplifting

John Mauger was the assistant chief constable of Police Scotland. Among his duties were responsibility for counter terrorism, public order, and he was a sporting events commander.

That was until he was suspended of course.

In yet another 'stooshie' we find he has now also been charged with shoplifting after it is alleged he stole batteries and football stickers from a Tesco store down in England.

If he's guilty it'll be one less corrupt cop in the system thanks to the eagle eyed security guys at Tesco.

Yeah, "Every Little Helps".

Monday 20 June 2016

Is New Lord Advocate James Wolffe Crooked?

Let's get one thing straight before we even start this conversation.

The Lord Advocate works for us.

The Lord Advocate is appointed to run the Crown office and the Crown office exists to represent and protect us, the public. They are there to prosecute the bad guys and keep us safe.

Got it?

Ok, let's begin.

When someone works for us, we need them to be on our side.

A bit obvious that one, I know.

We need them to be on the side of the public, the common man, and work for truth, justice and honesty for us. We need them to protect us especially from big corporations and those in the establishment who seek to harm us.

What we do NOT need is someone at the helm who is an establishment figure. That goes against everything a Lord Advocate should be.

The Lord Advocate must help, support and protect us, the public AGAINST the establishment.

He should be OUR man inside the establishment flying the flag for the Scottish public and fighting our battles for us.

So, is James Wolffe, the new Lord Advocate, a man of the people or is he an establishment figure?

Well, he's the guy who supported the Government in the deeply unpopular Named Person Scheme - a "Big Brother" legislation which undermines parents, breaches a family's right to privacy by permitting the state unlimited access to pry into the privacy of families in their homes, gives them the power to access confidential data on the family, and allows them to talk to a child without their parents agreeing with what they say.

In short, our new Lord Advocate reckons that responsibility for monitoring a child's wellbeing should be the role of the state (ie the establishment) and not the parents.

To take but one example, doctors would inform head teachers when they put a schoolgirl on the pill - parents would be ignored.

Next, let's move on to James Wolffes involvement with the old Parliament Building in Edinburgh.

While Dean of Faculty Of Advocates, James Wolffe did a secret deal with Scottish Ministers in which Parliament Parliament House - built in 1640 and the seat of power for Scotland’s judiciary and the nation’s highest, most expensive, elusive and pro-big business court – was taken off the citizens of Edinburgh who paid for it’s construction by Scottish Ministers and 'gifted' to the Faculty of Advocates for FREE.

The 'gift' included the full land titles of the court buildings - despite it being built with money raised by the people of Edinburgh and part of the city’s Common Good Fund. The property and land had always been administered by the council for the best interests of the people of Edinburgh.

But now it belongs to the Faculty Of Advocates who sneakily acquired it for buck shee.

Nice one James.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, they also just happened to get possession of the keys for this priceless building AFTER a £58 million refurbishment had been done.

In other words, the Scottish Government took this historic building off the people of Scotland and handed it over to James Wolffe and his Faculty of Advocates who registered the title deeds to the interior of the building in their own name.

Now, when I heard that we had a new Lord Advocate it took me less than 5 minutes to find out this stuff about James Wolffe you see above. It wasn't difficult to find out just how much of a friend of the establishment he really is. I'm going to keep digging and I bet you I find more.

So, do you think the new Lord Advocate with his £2,300 a week pay packet will be working in OUR best interests or the interests of the Government, the establishment and his corporate masters?

I'm gonna stick my neck out here and predict that it'll be business as usual at the corrupt Crown office.

In fact, why bother even predicting.

I KNOW it will be business as usual for the corrupt Crown office with James Wolffe at the helm.

Sunday 19 June 2016

Crown Office Staff Charged With Drugs, Police Assault, Threats, Perverting The Course Of Justice

Most people are too scared to go public about the corruption they see happening in the Crown office for fear of recriminations from bent Procurator Fiscals.

So it's good to know that I'm not the only one who is brave enough to speak out against this corrupt motley crew.

Saturday 18 June 2016

Taxi For Police Scotland

Police and Glasgow City Council have revealed their new weapon against child abuse and sex exploitation - taxi drivers.

Taxi drivers are well known for being the eyes and ears of our communities so they are being trained how to spot vulnerable youngsters.

This is one story where I'll refrain from the usual round of jokes about taxi drivers not being trustworthy enough to take the shortest route when the meter is running never mind taking on responsibility for such a serious matter as child protection.

I'll even refrain from criticising Police Scotland for getting taxi drivers to do their job for them.

It's a great idea and I fully welcome it. Anything that helps protect our children is absolutely worth doing. Absolutely.

But the big story for me here is that Police Scotland automatically assume that taxi drivers will want to help them.

Now I'm sure they will. Especially when the welfare of children is concerned.

But Police Scotland need to be reminded that they cannot just expect the public to help and support them when they need it - because police do not help and support the public when we need it. What goes around comes around.

Taxi drivers have long memories. They remember all the times you 'moved them on', tried to give them a ticket, fined them, put points on their licence, threatened their livelihood and generally aggravated them for the most menial of minor violations just so you could act like bullies and reach your charge targets.

On this occasion Police Scotland are lucky.

Taxi drivers I speak to are willing to help police on this one because it involves child protection.

But under any other circumstances members of the public, taxi drivers included, are prone to tell police to go take a hike rather than help them.

Sadly Police Scotland will NEVER get it.

When you alienate the public and turn otherwise law abiding members of the public in to criminals just so you can fill your charge sheets, throw your authority around, and act like 'big men' you need to realise that when it comes to your hour of need the public will turn their back on you.

You won't always be as successful getting the public on your side as you were with this one Police Scotland.

Think yourselves lucky this time.

Friday 17 June 2016

Coins And Coppers

An Edinburgh coin dealer was just a wee bit suspicious when two men walked in to his shop and tried to sell him three gold renaissance coins.

It wasn't just that gold renaissance coins are rather rare and you won't find many folks walking up and down Princes Street with a couple of them in their pockets.

It also just so happens that the National Museum of Scotland had three gold renaissance coins nicked the day before.

Kudos to the crafty coin dealer. He managed to convince the men to come back the next day - and then called Police Scotland so that cops could be there to arrest them on their return.

And the men did return the next day.

So did the cops.

But not at the same time.

So the men got away.

But it gets worse.

The dealer was determined not to give up until he saw these thieves behind bars. So he arranged for the men to come back another time again. And guess what?

I don't really need to tell you do I?!

Turns out that the coin dealer got the men to come back to his shop SIX times. But each time the cops didn't show up.

We still don't have an explanation why Police Scotland missed every opportunity to get these guys.

Perhaps they were too busy arresting football fans having a singsong in the pub next door.

Thursday 16 June 2016

You Can't Handle The Truth

In one of those 'Come on, what did you think was gonna happen' type scenarios, Police Scotland have expressed surprise at the results of a Facebook survey they conducted.

The online survey asked members of the public to give police feedback about how they're doing. So the public told them - and in no uncertain terms.

The level of criticism and backlash police received has been on an unprecedented scale.

Eh, sorry, but come on, what did they expect?!

Did they really think wee Mrs McTumshie from Cock-a-leekie Hydro By The Sea was gonna respond and tell them what a sterling job they're doing because every time she walks down to the Post Office to collect her pension PC Murdoch always gives her a smile and the correct time?

What's disturbing about the whole exercise is not that it shows what the public really think of untrustworthy Police Scotland, but rather it shows what Police Scotland really think of themselves by running the survey in the first place.

The did not expect such a backlash from the public.

Police officers all over Scotland have this incredibly idealistic view of themselves that only they and they alone seem to see. It's as if they permanently wear rose-tinted spectacles every time they look in the mirror.

And that's a real problem.

When you've got a corrupt organisation full of pompous self-opinionated charlatans who claim to work for the publics benefit but secretly seek to harm us instead, you have problems.

You have an even bigger problem when the pompous self-opinionated charlatans don't even realise that they are pompous self-opinionated charlatans.

No one is surprised at the backlash you're getting from your 'public' survey Police Scotland.

No one except yourselves that is.

You asked the questions. The public have given you their answers.

All that remains is for you to ignore it all and get back to burying your heads in the sand (as you always do and will do after this).

But hey, if it's any consolation, not everyone thinks you're useless.

Young Mr Grace says you've all done very well...

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Proof That Police Scotland Are Hypocrites

This story wouldn't normally be anything unusual.

A punter walks in to strip club in Glasgow and pays fifty quid for a private dance.

He get's a bit shirty with the girl when the dance - which he reckons should last 30 minutes - only lasts 10 minutes.

So he attacks the girl (allegedly), demands his fifty quid back, security get called, and the punter get's thrown out the club - the club have a very strict no-touching policy and any incidents involving the girls are dealt with very quickly by security.

Afterwards he realises he's left his wallet in the club so goes back to get it. The club security guys, fearing more trouble, call the police.

When the police arrive the punter accuses the bouncers of assaulting him.

However when the police check the CCTV footage it shows that the punter was the one who committed the assault.

False accusations are serious stuff, so police arrest him.

Nothing particularly unusual.

Except the punter's wallet didn't just contain the usual money, bank cards etc.

It also contained his warrant card.

Yip, you got it. The punter causing the rammie was an off-duty policeman.

Police Scotland are always claiming the moral high ground when it comes to strip clubs and gentlemen's establishments. They're always raiding them, trying to shut them down, accusing them of all sorts of things from prostitution to money laundering, drug dealing, you name it.

Oh yes, untrustworthy Police Scotland just love to thump the good book, adjust the halo above their head, and pontificate to us all about our moral behaviour.

Yet while our bold boys in blue are earning the money we pay them battering down the doors of these establishments trying to close them down one day, the next day they're secretly nipping back for a wee lap dance or two.

As long as the lap dance lasts more than 10 minutes of course...

Hypocrites, the lot of them.

Tuesday 14 June 2016

What's The Bets On This Perjury Trial Ever Seeing The Light Of Day?

Oh No! Disaster! My whole world (and this blog) looks as if it may have come crashing down to earth with a bang.

After writing countless posts about how the corrupt crown office collude with their friends and colleagues in untrustworthy Police Scotland and allow them to freely lie in court because their lies help the Crown to get successful prosecutions, it looks like they have just proved me wrong.

News in this week is that two police officers, PC Helder Marcos and PC Paula Smith are to face perjury charges by the Crown office for lying in court.

Quick get me some salt and pepper for my hat. Looks like I'm going to have to eat it after all now.

But wait. Hang on.

Ahhh, just as I thought, it's all too good to be true - there's a bit more to this than meets the eye.

Turns out that it's just a report about the alleged perjury that has been sent to the Procurator Fiscal and the Crown have been quoted as saying "The report remains under consideration".

'Under consideration' means the Crown may not go ahead with any perjury prosecutions at all.

But hey, surely at least it's a bit of an improvement in justice if the corrupt Crown office are now prepared to even ever-so-slightly consider prosecuting police officers who lie in court cases against members of the public?

Well not quite.

You see the case didn't involve police lying against members of the public. The case involved two police officers allegedly lying in court in a case against two other police officers.

Aha, so the PF is caught between ignoring allegations of perjury against two police officers versus prosecuting two police officers for perjury.

What a dilemma. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.

If the Procurator Fiscal dares to take this perjury case forward, then police officers all over Scotland will immediately stop lying for the PF in court and the Crown won't get as many prosecutions.

And if the PF doesn't take the perjury case forward, the two police officers who were found not guilty in the original case will be angry with the Procurator Fiscal for not backing them up when they needed it - especially when they've no doubt helped the PF out on many occasions in court.

The Crown are damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Meanwhile I'm sitting on the sidelines looking on in quiet contemplation.

Ok, that's not true, I'm sitting here right now in raptures of laughter at the Crown office and their predicament.

However, I believe very much in justice so I'm going to offer a solution to the Crown office to help them get out of this tricky situation.

Here's my suggestion. Just do the right thing. Do what's just, what's honest, what's legal, and what's decent.

What's that you say?

No way! 

Can't do that! 


Hey, take it easy, it was only a suggestion.

Monday 13 June 2016

Police Scotland Up To Their Neck In Scandal - Again

One of the biggest police scandals of recent times is the revelation that police operated a secret undercover unit (the Special Demonstrations Squad) for 40 years which was set up to infiltrate peaceful protest groups.

Note that above I said 'peaceful' protest groups.

The word 'peaceful' and the fact that these groups were targeted by police is important. The right to peaceful protest is cemented in British culture (and law) and is absolutely essential to any democracy anywhere on the planet to ensure those in high office are held to account.

Where would we be today if people hadn't protested against slavery, the Tahir Square protests in Egypt, the fall of the Berlin wall etc? I could go on but you get the idea.

The Special Demonstrations Squad infiltrated peaceful protest groups. As if that's not bad enough, it was discovered that undercover officers who infiltrated the protest groups had been having sex with females in the groups to gain intelligence from them. The women had no idea the guys who were bedding them were actually undercover police moles.

The SDS were based in England so the scandal never really had much impact in Scotland.

But the SDS's colleagues in the similar National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU) had a UK wide remit though.

And when you consider that events such as the G8 summit took place in Scotland and protesters were there in abundance, you can see that the behaviour of these rogue police units are of legitimate interest to members of the Scottish public.

As if that wasn't enough, we got a new chief constable recently and not only did our new chief constable Phil 'Gormless' come from an English force to take the job in Scotland, we have now discovered that he was once head of the unit that oversaw the work of the notorious SDS.

I would say that Police Scotland have more than a few questions to answer regarding this matter wouldn't you?

But strangely, Police Scotland have remained totally tight-lipped about Chief Constable Phil Gormley, the SDS, and the NPOIU.

We know they spent 11 months working on how to deal with protest groups before the G8 summit at Gleneagles so it's reasonable that we, the public, demand to know if any of these notorious units were operating here north of the border (actually, we already know they were involved at the G8).

So why have Police Scotland consistently refused point-blank to answer when asked if any officers from Scotland ever worked for the NPOIU?

Police just love to tell us, the public, that if we have done nothing wrong then we have nothing to worry about.

So why the blanket of silence from Police Scotland if they've done nothing wrong?

Why so tight-lipped when the shoe's on the other foot and we, the public, are asking questions about your behaviour Police Scotland?

Well, now we know why.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you former Detective Inspector Paul Hogan from Tayside police - an intelligence co-ordination field officer with the NPOIU (yip, the same NPOIU who employed the now infamous and notorious Mark Kennedy).

DI Hogan handled a team of 19 undercover officers, he conducted undercover activities at the G8, and he had a budget of £250,000 budget to play with.

Oh by the way, I should also give a wee mention to the former head of Police Scotland's Professional Standards Department Eleanor Mitchell who was also linked to the NPOIU.

No wonder Police Scotland don't want us to know about their involvement and connections to this notorious unit.

What's the next step then?

Well, an investigation in to it all has surely got to be the next step.

Only problem is that investigations in to police wrongdoing are investigated by - the police.

Worse still, the department who investigate in to police wrongdoing are the Professional Standards Department - the department Eleanor Mitchell used to head.

Anyone wanna put money on how this one's gonna pan out then?

Sunday 12 June 2016

Police Keep A Database On Innocent Members Of The Scottish Public

You've probably heard about number plate recognition cameras. They are used by the police to check, among other things, whether a vehicle has insurance, is taxed or is stolen.

Some of these cameras are fixed to a pole at the side of the road while others are mobile, hand-held types that the police can use wherever and whenever.

As you can imagine, the vast majority of people properly insure and tax their vehicles and most people don't drive around in stolen cars. So it should be pretty much obvious to everyone that the majority of pics these cameras take are of normal law abiding innocent members of the public going about their business and their journeys every day and that's understandable.

The real purpose of these cameras is to flag up vehicles which are stolen, have no MOT, no insurance, or no tax and as such they probably do a pretty good job.

But what happens to the 99.9999999% of pics these cameras take of honest members of the public going about their daily business?

Do the pics of members of the public in their cars who are not breaking the law get binned?

Seems not.

All the pics these camera take are stored on Police Scotland's ANPR database. All of them. Every single one.

Until recently we had no idea how many existed - until Alison McInnes, the justice spokeswoman for the LibDems, put a freedom of information request in to Police Scotland to ask for figures.

And the reply she got was astonishing - and worrying.

Police Scotland have 850 Million photographs of drivers on their ANPR database taken from these cameras going back as far as 2009.

This is outrageous. Police are keeping photographs of 850 Million innocent people and all their journeys - and they've been storing all the movements of innocent members of the Scottish public for years.

Curiously, to date, we haven't seen a single shred of evidence from untrustworthy Police Scotland to prove that the cameras have actually had any effect whatsoever on combating vehicle crime or tax dodgers and insurance cheats.

Now I'm quite sure these cameras have had some success and I'll guess police have probably caught a few people, maybe even a few thousand people, with them. In fact, what the heck, let's push the boat out and let's say they've perhaps caught a few HUNDRED THOUSAND people with them...

So that just leaves us waiting for an explanation from untrustworthy Police Scotland as to why they're keeping the other 848,500,000 pics of innocent members of the Scottish public going about their daily business doing absolutely nothing wrong?

Hello? Anyone there? Speak up Police Scotland, we can't hear you.

Saturday 11 June 2016

Bribing The Crown Office To Keep You Out Of Jail

You've probably never heard of the Bribery Act 2010. It doesn't get a lot of press but it is a fairly new law pertaining to, well, bribery, and it came in to law in, ermm, 2010.

Yip, glad I've cleared that up!

OK, so what's this new law all about then?

Well the kinda basic idea is that the Crown Office can now prosecute people in big corporations for bribing others in to giving them work (ooooh, Glasgow Crooked City Council will be quaking in their boots - oops, sorry, I forgot, GCC is run by councillors who are ex PF's, ex solicitors, ex coppers etc. the COPFS won't go after them - oh well, it was nice while the dream lasted).

Anyway, the strange thing about this new bribery law is that there are already existing laws regarding fraud which cover this type of thing?

Now it always interests me when they bring out a new law, especially one which is unnecessary and is already covered by existing laws, because every time they do this they usually introduce a sneaky wee angle to the new law that benefits somebody high up in the echelons of power.

So I've taken a closer look at this new unnecessary law to see what it's all about - and all has now been revealed with their first prosecutions (if you can call them that).

One particular company called Brand-Rex reported themselves to the Crown office - under the new bribery law - when they discovered one of their agents had been a bit of a naughty boy with their 'incentive' scheme.

The Crown office investigated in to it and concluded that yes, the law had indeed been broken...and proceeded to fine the company.

All seems in order then eh?

Eh, well no, not quite.

Because when you look a little further you discover that what's really important here is that the company who broke the law only received a fine - which is a civil recovery settlement.

The fine was given under civil law instead of it being a criminal prosecution like it should have been (and that could have involved jail time).

So in essence, this new bribery law is a method whereby people at the top of large corporations who break the law can jump in quick when they see the excrement is about to hit the ventilator and 'self report' themselves to get a way with a monetary fine when they should really be doing jail time for their crimes.

Monetary fines are nothing to these large corporations. And it seems our Crown office are quite happy to take their money in exchange for sparing them a jail sentence.

Now that's what I really call bribery. The Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service who are supposed to be prosecuting people for bribery are actually the ones who are taking the bribes to keep people out of jail.

You couldn't make it up.

So the 2010 bribery law is pretty much good news for rich, top executives of large corporations.

And what about the smaller people, the working classes? Does the same procedures apply to them?

Well, next time you break the law and reckon untrustworthy Police Scotland may be about to close in on you, just hand yourself in, confess all (ie self report), and get them to treat your wrongdoings as a civil law matter rather than a criminal law matter.

Let me know how you get on y'all (that is if they let you write letters from your jail cell...).

Friday 10 June 2016

Poverty Ain't Nothing To Sing About

The writer and broadcaster Kevin McKenna has written a great piece about the Scottish Governments ridiculous Football Act and how it's really designed to target working class members of the public and shift the focus from issues that they're failing to deal with like poverty and foodbanks.

Brilliant piece of journalism. Well worth a read:

Thursday 9 June 2016

Public Come Last

The old police station at Renfrew has been empty for quite a while now and is slowly rotting away.

It's such a shame because the building and it's car park could really benefit the public - it's right in the centre of the town.

It seems the reason it has been left to go to rack and ruin is because the owners, Renfrew Council (via their Common Good Fund) and Police Scotland, the old occupiers, have on-going 'issues' and cannot reach agreement.

No further information is given about what 'issues' there are with this situation so I'm at a loss to guess what's going on and who's to blame for the fiasco.

But what I do know is that councils are elected by us and are supposed to run public services for our benefit.

And Police Scotland are paid for by us and supposed to be run for our benefit.

So how come the public are being deprived the use of this building while the two parties who are both supposed to be working for our benefit fight it out - while leaving us on the sidelines?

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Crime Free Dundee

Dundee is supposedly enjoying a bit of a crime free time.

According to Police Scotland the number of crimes in Dundee has fallen since Police Scotland formed themselves in to one centralised police force.

So there we have it.

The Police Scotland experiment is a success story.

Eh, well hang on, maybe not quite.

You see untrustworthy Police Scotland don't seem to have taken in to account the recent survey that showed more than 35% of the public don't bother to report crimes any more because they have no faith that police will turn up or do anything.

So are our police doing a wonderful job in reducing crime...or are they just a bunch of incompetents who like to fiddle figures.

You decide.

But I know what I think...

Tuesday 7 June 2016

Police Take Revenge Against Anyone Who Complains About Them

Alastair Hay is a farmer.

Four years ago he reported to police that 400 of his ewes had been stolen.

He says police did nothing.

Police Scotland rural crime officer, Graham Gordon, see's it differently though. He says that "The police would have definitely looked into this at the time, but when there is little evidence, which is often the case in rural crime, due to a lack of witnesses, there isn't always a lot we can do."

Fair enough. Can't argue with that I suppose.

But astonishingly Police Scotland rural crime officer Graham Gordon goes one step further.

He then says:

"My advice would be for farmers to check their livestock and valuable equipment at least once every day, and to keep an eye on any suspicious activity around their farms and livestock. Not only does this ensure the livestock and valuable equipment is still where it should be, it means that any injured or dead animals can be attended to. If they are not dealt with within a certain period, the farmer can end up in trouble."

So let me get this right..

The farmer complains that police have done nothing about a crime he reported to them...and police answer his concerns by threatening to arrest him!

It's astonishing. You really couldn't make it up.

So the message from Police Scotland is very clear.

If you dare to complain about their incompetence, your card's marked - they'll have it in for you.

Ah, as if I didn't already know.

Monday 6 June 2016

The Camera Shy Coppers

A man has been arrested by Police Scotland for dangerous driving when a member of the public filmed him from his dash cam making a dangerous over-taking manoeuvre.

Police Scotland have warned the public that dash cams are becoming more common and that the video footage can prove you've committed an offence and will cause you to be arrested.

I'm confused.

I also used a video cam - to film three police officers lying to arrest me, an innocent man.

But the three lying police officers (PC Brian Fowler, PC Jamie Collins and PC Susan Glendinning) were never arrested despite the video footage clearly showing them committing an offence.

What could possibly be different from my video footage of the law being broken and the dash cam driver's video footage of the law being broken?

Oh I've just figured it out.

My video showed the POLICE breaking the law while his video showed a member of the public breaking the law.

Move along now, nothing to see here.

Sunday 5 June 2016

Political Policing

The Scottish Police Federation (SPF) have demanded that police officers (who are supposed to be neutral and conduct themselves without fear or favour and all that) be allowed to get involved in politics and actively campaign for political parties.

Now let's be clear here.

There is one reason and one reason only why untrustworthy Police Scotland want to be allowed to get involved in politics.

It's so that they can push for the politician or party that will give them the most power or the least scrutiny (preferrably both). Period.

The police work on the premise that if they make lots of arrests it shows that they're doing a good job. It's a nonesense of course, it only alienates them from the public, but that's the way they think.

The problem is that police discovered a long time ago that arresting and getting convictions against people with a good education and access to funds to prepare a real and proper defence is difficult.

That's why police like to target the poor and vulnerable instead.

Go in to any court room anywhere and Scotland on any day of the week and you could be forgiven for thinking educated and wealthy people don't commit crimes - because more than 90% of the cases that come before the courts every day are prosecutions against the poorest and most vulnerable people from some of the most destitute areas of our country.

This is no co-incidence. They poor and vulnerable can't fight back.

So if Police Scotland are allowed to get involved in politics as they are demanding (by the way they're not asking, they're demanding) then you know that the police will favour politicians and parties that support hard line policing.

Police will never support a politician or party that wants social justice, rights for the poor and vulnerable, and an end to austerity.


Police need social injustice, poverty, and austerity to remain firmly in place to ensure they have a fertile breeding ground of poor and vulnerable people to throw in to their cells and get easy convictions against.

Ah, it's all politics.

Saturday 4 June 2016

Chief Inspector Stephen Stiff's Subbuteo Law

Before the recent Scottish Cup Semi-final football match, Chief Inspector Stephen Stiff of Police Scotland sent a hard hitting message to fans who like to watch the game in their local pub, telling them that police will be watching them.

He advised that "Offenders don’t necessarily need to attend the game to attract a football banning order if convicted for a football-related offence, and we will assess circumstances closely and pursue all legal avenues to prevent future offending."

It all seems fair enough on the face of it - after all, football hooliganism and sectarianism is intolerable and should be stamped out.

The problem with CI Stiff's comments however are that we already have laws against people behaving illegally in pubs. There are already many existing laws against assaulting others, breaching the peace, causing fear and alarm, the list goes on.

So why is Chief Inspector Stiff so keen to hammer home that the particular offences his officers will be looking to arrest you for are football related offences and not the other wealth of offences we already have on our statute books?

The answer is simple.

Chief Inspector Stiff and his officers from untrustworthy Police Scotland just want to arrest lots of people. It's what they do. And the new football related offences allow him to do that.

History shows us that every time a new law comes in to force it always gives police more powers.


History also tells us that every time police are given new powers they always abuse those powers.


Police Scotland do not see their job as helping and protecting the public. They see their job as one of TARGETING the public and arresting as many of them as they can for anything they can. In their world they think that lots of arrests shows that they're doing a good job.

The football offences powers were given to the police to allow them to arrest anyone misbehaving at a football match.

But Chief Inspector Stiff and his cronies have now twisted that law around to make any wee pub with a telly in the corner the same as a football ground. Untrustworthy Police Scotland will use any excuse they can to arrest as many members of the public as they can. It's their sole purpose.

Twisting the law on offensive behaviour at football matches to try and make a wee village pub become a football ground is stretching it a bit.

In fact it's ridiculous.

But hey, if it gives them an excuse to arrest more people, it's unimportant to them how ridiculous the whole thing may be.

So, dig out the subbuteo and I'll meet you down the boozer.

But beware, I used to be a whizz at subbuteo so watch your language if I beat you.

Or I'll be calling Chief Inspector Stiff who's rules on offensive behaviour at pub football matches are just as stiff as his name suggests.

And just as stiff as the wee plastic subbuteo men on the pub table that he likes to call a football pitch.

Friday 3 June 2016

Why The Public Do Not Help Police

The Scottish Institute for Policing Research have issued a warning that serious 'internal structural disconnects' exist within Police Scotland.

Their report concludes that policing at a local level is being harmed due to the centralisation of Police Scotland in to one large national force.

Oh come on. This isn't exactly something we didn't already know. Hey, even the Scottish Police Authority chairman said in his review a few weeks ago of police governance that the "overriding perception has been that local communities are not being listened to and that local commanders do not have enough autonomy to make local decisions".

But what really sparked my interest was one of the examples they gave of divisional commanders at a local level - who should be taking decisions on their own turf - being completely passed over by central police chiefs higher up the chain.

This makes a complete nonesense of untrustworthy Police Scotland's constant claims that policing on a local level is being adhered to and that local issues are being addressed by local officers.

One particular example the Scottish Institute for Policing Research gave were of an instance where officers from other regions, operating under the command of a police chief above the divisional commander’s head, moved in and started giving out speeding tickets to drivers.

And the particular comment that struck me was when they said:

"There was a perception locally that these officers issued tickets in line with a different policing culture and performance targets, whereas previously the local force focused less on tickets and more on engagement with the drivers with a view to changing driving behaviour"

Just read that comment above again. Note the words performance targets.

It just confirms what every driver in Scotland already knows - that Police Scotland operate a policy whereby they purposely target the Scottish public in order to make money from us.

Now, police using the motorist as a cash cow is nothing new. Everybody knows motorists are viewed as easy targets by the police (even though police continue to insult our intelligence by denying it).

But, the Scottish public, expect Police Scotland to help and protect us - not target us just so they can make a few quid and make us in to criminals (yes folks, in case you didn't know, even minor traffic violations are CRIMINAL offences, not civil offences).

One of the worst things that can happen in any society is when the people who are supposed to protect us secretly seek to do us harm.

And untrustworthy Police Scotland seek to harm us, not protect us.

It's scandalous.

However what goes around comes around and the disgraceful way Police Scotland behave towards the public has consequences.

Because the next time the police want help from an otherwise honest, decent and upstanding member of the public who they issued a minor traffic ticket to a few years ago, that member of the public will remember very clearly the day an arrogant copper made him in to a criminal just to impose his authority on him, hit targets, make a few quid, and make the crime figures look good.

He'll remember how police treated him like a common criminal.

He'll remember the fine he had to pay.

He'll remember the points he got on his licence.

He'll remember how his car insurance went up.

He'll remember how the police made him feel that day.

Hey, you can try and justify everything you did to that member of the public that day by showing him as many shocking pictures of car crashes and dead babies as you want Mr Plod.

But a few minutes of your road safety horror stories to try and justify that ticket you once issued to him will never, ever come close to countering the years of grudge and hatred that has built up inside him towards you for what you did to him. He will never forget how you made him feel that day you made him in to a criminal. 

And he'll never forget that you made him in to a criminal for something which was a minor infringement that only deserved a helpful warning.

He'll never forget the damage you did to him just so you could make yourself feel big and important by imposing your authority on him gestapo style and get a pat on the back from your Sergeant when you got back to the station.

And he'll walk away from you at a crucial time when you need his help.

Thursday 2 June 2016

Kanye West Shooting A Video In Skye

Leaving aside for one moment that Kanye West is supposed to be pink lint (rhyming slang for skint), he's certainly been splashing the cash by jetting over the pond and the sea to Skye to shoot his latest video.

Congratulations Kanye in discovering what we in Scotland have always known - Scotland is beautiful and it doesn't get much more beautiful than up there in Skye.

Sadly, Kanye's trip turned a wee bit ugly.

I don't mean there was any problems or confrontations involving Kanye.

No, what I mean is Police Scotland, in anticipation of Kanye's arrival, tried to get all cool and hip and down with the kids on twitter - and man that was ugly.

Their tweet was:

"Out in your #Kardashin around #Skye this summer? We'll be #KeepingUp with you so #Kanye please drive sensibly? #OpRoute #HipHopCops"

Oooof. Embarrassing or what.

I'm no fan of Kanye West, but I am a hospitable person and proud of my country. So when a visitor from overseas comes to visit and there's absolutely no reason to suspect he's come here to break any laws (in fact he'll help the Skye economy), I really don't think it's appropriate for our police to threaten to follow him around everywhere he goes in his car waiting for him to do 31mph in a 30mph limit.

Mind you, they do that to us Scots every day, so I suppose at least untrustworthy Police Scotland are consistent if nothing else.

I wouldn't be surprised if Kanye takes offence at police suggesting he's come here to break the laws of our land and he leaves in disgust.

Personally I'd rather he stayed here. Hey, he could apply for the chief constables job.

Because I'd feel safer with Kanye West at the helm of Police Scotland than having Phil 'Gormless' and his rag taggle bag of hip hop cops any day.

Kanye West may be a big-heided numpty, but he's also probably an honest and decent guy.

And that would make a refreshing change at Police Scotland.

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Man Dies - Police Give Conflicting Stories

Police in Dundee used stop and search to, well, stop and search James Gardiner, a 42 year old man.

They handcuffed him but, no doubt frustratingly for them, they found nothing on him. He'd done nothing wrong so they had to let him go. 

Police just hate it when that happens don't they?

Anyway, a few short hours later James was dead. He also had a large bump on his head and no one seems to know how it got there.

One explanation, offered up by one of the police officers is that he fell over while his hands were handcuffed behind his back.

Only problem with that explanation is that the other officer gave a different story and said James had to be wrestled to the ground by both officers and banged his head during the struggle.

To add to the mystery, police didn't take him to hospital or check him over after he received this head injury.

A post mortem concluded that James death was unexplained. His father, James senior, is understandably unhappy with this.

He told The Courier "I don’t want to cause trouble or make a fuss if there had been a reasonable explanation about what happened I would’ve left it. It’s the lack of consistency that bothers me".

It bothers me too James. 

And I disagree with you. 

You SHOULD cause trouble and make a fuss.

Because when two police officers tell two different stories it means one of them is lying.

You may never get justice for your sons death (unfortunately we don't do justice here in Scotland in case you haven't heard) but you might, just might, get one or even two corrupt lying coppers off our streets.

You might just help save someone else's son or daughters life.

And this is worth pursuing for that alone.

Cut Crime By 85%

Senior Police Scotland officers are at breaking point due to excessive workloads and pressure according to Chief Superintendent Niven Rennie, the chairman of the Association of Police Superintendents.

This is good news.

Not because I would want to wish any ill health on anyone.

But if problems with senior police officers health have been identified and are being made public, it's a cry for help. They are looking for a solution to their problem.

And I'm just the man to provide that solution to them.

As with every problem, if you look deep enough in to the problem you will often find the solution.

CS Rennie says that there is far too much work for top cops and it's causing health problems for many officers. Increasing numbers of senior officers are suffering from depression and other mental health disorders because of it.

So I have a solution which can cut their workload by around 85% and restore them to their sanity.

Stop pursuing, detaining, arresting, and charging the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society.

85% of the people you see in our courts every day are the poorest and most vulnerable in society. You can't tell me that middle class, educated, wealthy people don't commit crimes - yet I don't see many of them in the courts each day. I'm sure the fact that middle class, educated, wealthy people have the intellect and means to defend themselves against you and your goons is just co-incidence CS Rennie eh? Yeah right.

So, tell your officers to stop targeting the poor and the vulnerable and you'll cut your workload by 85%.

Admittedly there is a downside. You, Police Scotland and your Crown office buddies won't get as many convictions in the courts. Which means you won't be able to deceive the public in to thinking you're being tough on crime like you do now.

Another downside is that the 85% reduction in the crime rate will allow we, the public, to get rid of 85% of your Police Scotland officers - and I can't guarantee that you won't be one of them CS Rennie. did ask for a solution and you won't find a better (or more honest) solution than this one, I guarantee.