Wednesday 18 May 2016

The Mystery Of The Missing Evidence

Police Scotland have advised that the gun that killed Willie McRae and other vital evidence has gone missing.

Willie McRae was a Glasgow lawyer and SNP activist who was found shot dead in his car in the 80's. Police did everything they could to label it as a traffic accident - until a nurse cleaning his head wound noticed a bullet hole.

After that, they then tried to label it as a suicide.

Police gathered no forensic evidence from the scene at the time.

Police didn't take any fingerprints from the scene either.

Police also secretly removed his car, then put it back a mile away from where it was originally was. No one knows why but it's reckoned they wanted to distance the car from where the gun was found.

And now we discover, more than 30 years on, that a pile of evidence has disappeared completely - including the gun that was used to kill him.

Strange eh.

Willie McRae had been a very vocal critic of the Westminster government when they tried to dump nuclear waste in Scotland.

He had also discovered a paedophile ring operating within Westminster and was working on exposing it.

So I reckon all we need to do to solve the mystery of todays missing evidence is cross check the senior officers working in Police Scotland right now who have connections to Westminster MP's from 30 years ago. Shouldn't take long. There can't be that many.

But wait a minute, I've just remembered. If we do that it will involve the police investigating the police...and we all know how that always turns out.

Oh well, it was a good idea while it lasted.

And so the mystery continues and a murderer, protected by a person or persons in the higher echelons of Police Scotland or the Government, is still out there roaming free.

Move along now sir, nothing to see here.