Tuesday 3 May 2016

The Anniversary Police Want You To Forget

Today is the anniversary of the death of Sheku Bayoh.

You may remember Sheku Bayoh was the young man who died in police custody last year.

Police Scotland would rather you didn't remember him though.

Because Sheku died when SEVEN police officers forced him to the ground and sat on top of him. Sheku never got up alive.

The family are still waiting for answers. Answers to questions such as why Police Scotland have given FIVE different stories about how it happened.

So, one year on, are we any closer to finding out the truth of how Sheku died and will any police be prosecuted for his death?

Well, consider this:

1. More than 1500 people have died in police custody in the last 25 years

2. More than 30% of them were of African or Asian descent

3. Not one official has EVER been prosecuted for ANY of those 1500 deaths

I'll let you decide.